Rice: #1 Quality of life, (Princeton Review) 2011

<p>Rice University</p>

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<h1>17 Dorms Like Palaces</h1>

<h1>10 Happiest Students</h1>

<h1>2 Lots of Race/Class Interaction</h1>

<h1>10 Great Financial Aid</h1>

<h1>1 Best Quality of Life</h1>

<p>Rice</a> ranked No. 1 for ?Best Quality of Life? in Princeton Review?s annual college guide | khou.com | KHOU.com Home Page</p>

<p>Second year in a row that Rice tops the list for quality of life....</p>

<p>Rice</a> University</p>

<p>What does "quality of life" mean?</p>

<p>^ Here is what the Princeton Review says:</p>

Based on responses from students to several questions covering food on and off-campus, dorm comfort, campus beauty, ease of getting around campus, relationship with the local community, campus safety, the surrounding area, interaction between students, friendliness and happiness of the student body and smoothness with which the school is administered.


<p>thank you ottoline, again</p>

<p>It means we live pretty well. Our dorms (save for lovett) dont suck</p>