Rice and the SAT

<p>Hey, I'm taking the SAT this Saturday and since Rice is my first choice, I want to do everything I can to improve my chances.</p>

<li>Rice superscores, right?</li>
<li>How much would taking the SAT once vs. twice vs. three times (thrice?) matter?</li>
<li>Does Rice use writing? On the freshmen class profile it only uses M+CR, does this mean they don't care about writing very much? I'm hoping it's less significant since this is what's killing my SAT score.</li>

<li>I'm pretty sure that they do.<br></li>
<li>Speaking from personal experience, my score jumped around 250 points between the first and second time I took the SAT. I first took it January my Junior year and again in October of my Senior year. So, I'd definitely suggest taking it twice if possible. However, what I've often read is that after the third time -and for some people, their second time-any score increase is likely to be fairly marginal. Do what you think is best, though, but I wouldn't obsess over being a few points shy of whatever goal you're shooting for. </li>
<li>I'm fairly certain they do. I'm familiar with the data you're referring to, but I've never heard it stated that they don't consider the writing section at all. I can only speculate, but I'm pretty sure they see it along with your other two sections (and subject tests) whenever you have CollegeBoard send off your scores. </li>

<p>I wouldn't fret too much about the SAT-really, it's only one component of your whole application. And, odds are, if you've put in the time prepping, you'll "reap what you sow". :) Hope this helps, and best of luck on Saturday!</p>

<p>Ok :) Took the SATs on saturday, and I'm hoping it went well. Hoping for high 700s on the math, I found out I did get one wrong :( Then hopefully low 700s on CR and writing. CR is iffy depending on the curve, but this was a very difficult CR. Writing is iffy as well, depending on my essay.</p>

<p>One last question, so even if they do look at the writing section, does it bare as much weight as CR + M? And if so, do you know what the 25% and 75% are on the 2400 scale? Because I can only find 1600 scale.</p>

<p>Rice</a> University- SAT Scores</p>

<p>this info is from 2009</p>

<p>At the Rice information session my S and I went to a few months ago, we were told that the writing section of the SAT is not considered.</p>

<p>Info about SAT/ACT scores cited on the website: Future</a> Owls</p>

<p>There have been no studies published that correlates the SAT writing score with academic performance in college. I know when I visited Johns Hopkins, they told us during the information session that they don't consider the writing score at all. Your essays for admission will indicate whether or not you can write.</p>

Your essays for admission will indicate whether or not you can write.


<p>I wonder if they use it for correlation. For example, if you turn in a pulitzer quality essay and get a horrendous score in the essay, they may want a second look to ensure that someone else didn't write the essay.</p>