Rice Application?

<p>How do you get the Rice application for their 8 year BA/MD program with Baylor Medical College. I've filled out part I and got part II of the Rice application, but is that what I need to fill out because no where on part II does it make any references to the combined degree program.</p>

<p>You must apply Early Decision (binding) or Interim Decision (not binding) to be considered for this prestigous program.</p>

<p>yeah, I am applying Interim decision, but no where on the application does it make reference to the program, so how do they know I want to be considered for it?</p>

<p>there was a box in part i of the application, which asked you to check it if you were interested in the program</p>

<p>ok, yeah, I remember checking that. I guess part II makes no reference to it, but part I is the one you need to have it checked on. thanks for the reminder.</p>

<p>Right, there's nothing on part 2. If accepted, they will send you the supplemental app for R/B in your acceptance packet.</p>