Rice/ Baylor Med Program 2008

Is there any word on when the results are coming out? Thanks</p>

<p>I thought I had read in the materials late April.</p>

<p>I know that some other Baylor pre-med programs had their interviews (like UT-PanAm/Baylor) last week, but I'm not sure about Rice/Baylor. I would imagine they would be at about the same time, though.</p>

<p>Rice</a> University | Prospective Students</p>

<li>Rice notifies finalists in March and Baylor conducts interviews in April.</li>
<li>The scholars are announced in late April. </li>

<p>I will call Rice and ask. Are they open tomorrow?
There's got to be someone on here who got it/will get it. There's not much of March left, so interview invites either already came or it is about to come. Usually, programs will send letters to those who did not get it. Does Rice? Someone check previous years's forums?</p>

<p>i got an email yesterday for an interview on april 4th.</p>

<p>sherry any more info you can share? what more did it say? is everybody on the 4th?</p>

<p>my son received an email invite as well for April 4th. It appeared that all finalists were interviewed that day.</p>

<p>yep same. april 4th. i was already going to miami that day, but guess like ill have to cancel my trip to miami</p>

<p>the 4th here as well.</p>

<p>so i guess they're not sending out rejection letter. no hope left, I guess. oh well.</p>