Rice Interviews

<p>So I just requested my interview (a little late here I know)
Anyone had an interview yet? How did it go?</p>

<p>Hopefully I will hear back this week even with the holiday</p>

<p>I had my interview a little while ago. Mine was on campus, so I did it with a student. If you have it off campus though, it will be an alum. It was really straight forward. There are like 3 categories they are supposed to ask you about. Academics, clubs, and community service. I didn’t have any community service and she said that was fine. Also, she told me about her experience here, and I asked questions about things that she did, so that added to the conversation. I don’t think it’s bad at all.</p>

<p>Sounds great. I am doing off-campus so I am just waiting around for an alum to contact me</p>

<p>Ds did an alum interview and said it was his best by far. Good luck!</p>

<p>I had my alum interview a while back. It really was more like a conversation that anything else. My interviewer and I really connected, I think.</p>

<p>Just got in contact hopefully the interview will be sometime after the holiday. I’m a bit confused on what to wear. I think nice-casual? I don’t really want to overestimate low-key and show up in business</p>

<p>I would think that depends on where you meet. My interview was at a frozen yogurt place, so I wore dark jeans and a nice blouse. If your interview was at, say, a law office, you would definitely need to dress nicer. A few months ago, I actually found a slideshow of interview tips on the Rice website. It’s worth checking out.</p>

<p>I had mine several weeks ago. It was off-campus. My interviewer was very friendly and nice. She seemed to really like that I am familiar with the school. I was glad with how it went.</p>

<p>If I were to give advice to someone going into the interview, I would tell them to be well-researched about Rice and friendly. Rice is a somewhat off-beat school that emphasizes academics. Go in knowing your stuff; don’t worry too much about how you look or sound. Just tell them about yourself and ask good questions.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I saw the slideshow! I took your tip about clothing. I had the interview today and it was really casual, we met in a coffee shop so I wore black jeans and a nice blouse/sweater. I’m glad I didn’t dress up more because I would have been completely overdressed.
I think it went well although I blanked on the residential colleges and I think I made a bit of a fool of myself. </p>

<p>It was a fun conversation anyway.</p>

<p>Yeah, with interviews I always come out feeling like I did wonderfully. Then when I’m driving back I micro-examine every answer, and by the time I’m home I’m convinced it went terribly!</p>

<p>I completely agree. By the time I got home I convinced myself that I was smiling too much</p>

<p>Better than smiling too little!</p>

<p>I had a good interview…I think.</p>

<p>You think?</p>

<p>Had an alumni interview a few weeks ago. Mine was really laid back and (at a Starbucks). At first it started out as me talking about my qualifications and academic interests, but then it turned into a conversation about different qualities of Rice, Beer Bike, and why Houston is a great city. Don’t sweat it. At first it seems like an interview, but then it turns into an enriching conversation. Also, dress nice, but don’t overdo it.</p>