Rice missing mid year grades

Ok I submitted my application to Rice after my counselor said she completed all of the necessary documents. I didn’t double check and she missed my mid year grades and I just found it because I checked my application and there was an x next to the mid year grades when there was a check before. Is it too late to send it in or is my application going to be considered incomplete? Really upset because Rice is my dream school, but it’s my fault i should have double checked. I just want to know if I still have a chance.

My daughter doesn’t even end the 1st semester until Friday. She sent 1st quarter grades, but won’t get her mid year grades sent in for another week. They know schools are all on different schedules.

That’s reassuring, thank you. The thing is last semester was my final semester as I graduated early so my mid year grades and final transcript will be the same. Should I still turn in mid year grades?

I would call admissions.

did anyone get an email today from rice? my parents got one about residential colleges and how theyre dedicated to making us feel at home
idk if it means anything

As an ED admit, I also don’t have the required midyear report submitted yet, but my school told me counselors would have them uploaded by February 1st, meaning it’s probably not abnormal to submit your midyear report this late. Just email your school/counselor and you should be alright.

@smellycat1234, my parents also got the email. Doubt it’s anything more than just another run-of-the-mill promotion that’s sent to everyone.

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We got that email yesterday too.