Rice: northern school in the south?

<p>I've heard other schools, like Tulane, referred to as northern(ish?) schools in the south. According to collegeboard, 53% of the students at Rice are from in-state. So my question is: culturally, is Rice diverse and not only immersed in southern culture. Not that I have anything against southern culture; I simply do not want any school that's too immersed in one particular culture.</p>

<p>hopefully that makes sense...</p>

<p>Texas is a HUGE state, with many different cultures in it and it has become even more diverse in the last 25 years with the HUGE migrations of Northerners and Californians to the state. Even if Rice was 100 percent Texans it would hold so many different diverse cultures. but no, Rice doesn't feel "southern", just laid-back, casual, friendly.</p>

<p>Another parent to agree with anxiousmom.</p>

<p>S2 wanted a school with snow (we moved south to Nashville in his mid-teens), personally was very negative on the southern feel of of the nationally recognized university in our present hometown, and only applied to one school south of St. Louis. Initially was certain that he'd be in Chicago or Boston area, but he loved Rice both on his inquiry visit and on OWL days. Although only a frosh, his initial month appears to have been consistent with his initial impressions. (And anyone who looks at him, much less gets to know him, would agree that he isn't the type who would enjoy, or be socially accepted, at a stereotypical southern school.)</p>

<p>My impression is that Rice only has a "Southern" feel when it comes to general friendliness. The atmosphere Rice gets from being in the south is one that you don't often find in northeastern universities, and is the reason I ultimately chose Rice. Other than that, as far as diversity and tolerance/acceptance of others, Rice definitely has a "Northern" vibe.</p>

<p>The best thing about Rice (D is a 2007 grad) is that it is NOT a northern school! However, it does not have a southern vibe (i.e. Old Miss or Vandy) either. It is diverse with really, really smart, nice people. I have a kid at an Ivy, and I'm impressed with a lot of things about it, but if it were up to me, I'd take Rice in a heartbeat.</p>

<p>^^ As a northerner by upbringing who went to undergrad in the north and grad school in the south, I'd say that Rice does have the "feel" of a northern school. It does not "feel" like a southern school. Like Emory and Tulane, it "feels" more northern, but with no frat/sorority scene to deal with. You'll love it!</p>

<p>thank you all so much! the information is all very helpful and I will keep Rice on my college list. </p>

<p>also, emory and tulane are also schools I am considering. how would you compare rice to those two other schools? to be hoenst, I'm not considering tulane as much anymore because 1) new orleans and 2) it seems like too much of a party school.</p>

<p>Tulane is more of a party school than Rice, hands down. I don't know much about Emory other than that they keep a pen of puppies to play thing during finals week for destressing...talking to one of my best friends who's a freshman at Emory, I'd say the main difference is the college system - she's said it's hard to get to know upperclassmen (freshman dorm) and people outside of her hall. Both schools have top notch academics but I'd give Rice the advantage in terms of living experience.</p>

<p>Rice is D1 athletics, such as it is. That does make somewhat of a difference (positive- in my opinion), although Rice is certainly not an athletic powerhouse (except for baseball). Emory doesn't have a football team, which tends to have an impact on school spirit. I think a lot of Emory, but Rice has the edge in my viewpoint. I think the campus is a little more cohesive.</p>

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<p>I need to make a decision!</p>

<p>It will have to be your decision and we can't help make it. I'm originally from Cleveland Hts, and one of DD's close friend's at Rice is also from the Cleveland area - there are other Ohioans at Rice. Rice does not have an old "southern" feel; just a friendly, laidback feel. My kids wear/wore t-shirts and shorts and birks, or t-shirts and jeans and athletic shoes... no popped collars, not preppy.. Go ahead an apply if you are interested - you don't have to make the decision to attend until/if you are accepted in April.
One thing to know - Rice takes very good care of its students.</p>

<p>I am already sold on Rice. I know I will be applying there in the winter without a doubt. The only thing I'm questioning is if I should bother applying to Emory for the sake of saving time and money on applications. I've directed to the Emory board, although that hasn't been too helpful to be honest</p>

<p>but again, thank you all for your information.</p>