Rice Parent Thread

Sorry to be a bit late on this, but what is the “self guided tour” being discussed here? That sounds exactly like what we are looking for as we plan a visit to campus this summer, but I don’t see anything that sounds like that on the website. There’s a virtual map experience that I guess you could pull up on your phone and use as a guide - is that what we are talking about? Thanks for any input.

I could be wrong but I think there were a few tour days set up for admitted students which is likely what people are referring to.

But, I’d call admissions and see what your options are and/or what they expect them to be this summer.

Before Covid, Rice students conducted walking campus tours for prospective students. That stopped over a year ago. As @PrdMomto1 says, Rice knew lots of admitted students would be visiting campus between the time admission decisions went out and May 1. Rice did not have its traditional Owl Days or admitted student events. Instead Rice set up tents at various points on campus with maps, swag, and masked students available to answer questions. Rice has recently relaxed the masking requirement outside on campus. The Covid cases in Houston are rapidly declining and the CDC is issuing new guidelines for gatherings. Perhaps admissions will relaunch in person tours sometime this summer. Contact the admissions office to find out what the options are.