Rice Parents Weekend

<p>We'll be heading to Houston for our first parent's weekend and plan to be there on Friday morning. My H is hoping to sit in on our D's physics class. Do a lot of parents go to classes with their students? Rice has been a great school for our children and they're anxious to show us around :)</p>

<p>^^^ Yes! It's very common for parents to join their sons/daughters in the their classes during Parents' Weekend. Have fun!</p>

<p>We're going and I plan to sit in an Organic Chemistry Class. Unfortunately, my son has big exams on Monday and Tuesday. Parents Week-end couldn't have come at a worse time for him (and us)!</p>

<p>This will be our last Families Weekend. Neither of us ever sat in our son's classes, but we made our younger son tag along our first year. We thought it was a good chance to experience a college class. We're arriving late Thursday night and our son doesn't have any Friday classes so we might take advantage of the sunshine and visit Galveston for the afternoon.</p>


<p>Sounds like your son will be pretty busy prepping for exams... Still, even if he has to spend part of the time studying, you can have fun exploring the campus and Rice Village, maybe even the zoo and museum, on your own, and then you can meet up during his study breaks and have meals together, etc. I loved the chance to meet my son's friends and their parents ... to see where he studied in Fondren ... to see how well he'd adjusted to campus life. It'll work out !</p>

<p>Thanks, Ottoline! We had a great time. We had brunch at the North Servery on Sat and had dinner with him Fri and Sat nights. My wife and I worked out at the beautiful Rec Center twice as parents were allowed free access during Parents Week-end. We shopped at Rice Village and at The Galleria so it was all good. We didn't go to the football game but I understand we missed a good game (Rice lost in double OT). We'll be back in 3 weeks for the Centennial Celebration.</p>

<p>Sounds like you had a great time, RYB! And you got to work out in the Rec Center! Perfect. Have fun at the Centennial -- hope to read all about it.</p>