Rice RD 2026

My daughter got the same email with no information ever being posted in the portal. We would have never committed somewhere without a price. She chose a full ride offer to a small school 3 hours from home.

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Sorry, I just saw this. 4.0, NMF, Valedictorian, 35 ACT/36 super score, all-state athlete. Rice never gave finacial information so she declined.


My wife went to Rice. Going to visit spring break next year.

Saw some statistic that only 4% of Rice students were legacies. I think Rice considers legacy as a consideration but not an “important consideration”.

Wonder why the % is so low. Is it because they consider it a lot less than some schools (ie Notre Dame, Cornell, etc) or because legacy kids just go somewhere else.

Wonder how much legacy really factors into the admissions equation. We donate but minimal amount but my wife is the only alumni interviewer in her state (may not matter much).

My daughter is a legacy (her father graduated from Rice in 1986). She was definitely qualified (valedictorian, 4 point who knows what with lots of APs, 35 ACT, strong leadership) and probably got in on her own but I do wonder how much being a legacy factored into things - maybe it ensured she was thoroughly considered? Or maybe it showed in her essays that she already felt connected to Rice?

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Being a legacy certainly does not hurt. However, if a student does not have the chops to get in Rice despite the legacy connection, I doubt being a legacy will help the student gain admission. My daughter was not a Rice legacy, but one of her best friends was a triple legacy. She had great qualifications and was admitted with a merit scholarship. She chose Rice over Stanford. Her friend’s parents are both doctors and Rice grads who met at Rice. Her sister was a few years ahead of her at Rice. Rice may view highly qualified legacies as better fits and more likely to attend if admitted.

did anyone heR anything

Nothing here.

Yes, most offers have been made I believe. So probably no one of the wailtist.

Where did you hear this info? Did you call??

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I would assume they would have informed everyone already if the class is full.

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really? i would assume they’d accept ppl from the waitlist this year. cornell and emory are all accepting a bunch of ppl from the waitlist now (ESPECIALLY cornell CAS)

what??? where did you hear this

Hey, it is not confident info. I just wrote an email and got a weird answer. It went like" we evaluated everybody carefully blablabla", so I thought they would tell me no.

However, at the end, it said (quote), "Due to the competitive nature of the applicant pool and a limited number of spaces in the class, the Office of Admission was limited in the number of admission offers we extended to applicants. Please note that we do not comment on or disclose information regarding applicants’ materials.

As of right now we do not have any updates on the waitlist. We will update you by June 1st at the latest by phone or email if you are to be moved from the waitlist. "

It was weird because the whole mail seemed to make me believe they were done, but the last linessaid june 1st.

hmmm i think the email is pretty standard (just my opinion) but rice tends to admit a very small number of applicants off the waitlist so i don’t think everyone should expect anything.


Congrats to your daughter! I also declined Rice and went with another T20. I hope my spot opens up for someone else and makes their dream come true.

Is there any waitlist movement, or is it a full class already?

My daughter also finally declined Rice and went to UT in the Honors program.
The fee difference was simply too big for me to digest.


Someone on Reddit posted that Rice sent out emails stating that no one was admitted off of the waitlist this admission cycle. I did not get the email yet, but I am sure it is coming. Did anyone else get it (or not get it)?

We got it too

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