Rice Scholarships

<p>Hellooo, guys.</p>

<p>I have been wondering, does Rice offer scholarships to ED applicants as generously as it does to RD applicants? I am in a situation where I really need a scholarship...</p>

<p>Btw, I'm an international,so I cant apply for financial aid under ED. EVn for RD process, it's higly unlikely to receive FA anyways since I am an international, right?
Also, it is my understanding the international students applying for FA are in a different admission pool. </p>

<p>Edgar Odell Lovett and Allen scholarships are for the international students. How hard is it to receive them? Any clue how many students are awarded each year and what kind of qualities admission officers look for?</p>

<p>I have heard Rice is a very generous school. I really hope it is also to int't students.</p>

<p>p.s Does anyone get emails back from Rice admission office?They usually come more than a week after I ask questions. Well, they must be really busy!</p>

<p>I usually receive a reply in 1 business day and occasionally in two. I sent my most recent question 1 week ago and received the reply the next day’s afternoon. Perhaps it has to do with
conciseness and what you wrote for the subject? I wouldn’t
like opening an email that’s titled “important question”.</p>

<p>hmmmm, my questions were usually very concise. But now think of it, I think when I sent email to individual officers, I received replys pretty soon. This time I sent one to the general admission email. That might be it?</p>

<p>call them tomorrow. They are very helpful on the phone</p>