Rice Sport Management Major

I’m a transfer student considering Rice. I applied as a Sport Management major, and I’m looking for some insight into how good the program is. Additionally, is it possible to be competitive for other business jobs (consulting, possibly finance) if I pursued this major at Rice? I would also pursue a business minor. Just to be clear, I’m very passionate about sports, but I’m worried my job opportunities will be extremely limited when I graduate. My plan is to pursue an MBA after a few years of work regardless of what school I attend or major I choose.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Rice Career Development Office known as CCD. https://ccd.rice.edu. I am sure they will be glad to talk with you/answer your questions. There is a closed admitted student Facebook group for the Rice University Class of 2024. It is has over 1000 members. As an admitted transfer, you can also join that group. Many current Rice students are also part of the group. You might get more specific answers there. @ricegrad and @awesomepolyglot might have some other suggestions for you.

I regrettably do not have any suggestions :frowning: I don’t know much about social science majors.
You can look at the classes required for any major or minor at ga.rice.edu > programs of study, though!

So I am not an expert in this area but can chime in with a few thoughts. Rice does have a well-regarded sports management program, but majoring in sports management means you are trading broader law/econ/business knowledge for deeper expertise in a relatively small area. Whether that’s the right choice for you depends on what your goals are. Totally echo @Houston1021 that Rice’s CCD will be able to fill you in on exactly which types of jobs recent Rice sports management grads have found and what you can expect.

Rice Sport Management focuses on six main things - analytics, revenue generation, marketing, customer service, communications and event management. They also have three tracks, law, leadership and analytics. These subjects are very business oriented and leadership track students often pick up the business minor as well. Since this a business oriented major, the curriculum and experience translate very well to other industries and many graduates work in consulting, finance, technology and energy sectors as all of these actively recruit at Rice. Not all sport programs are like this but Rice focuses on making graduates as marketable as possible at graduation for the sport industry but with the business focus, graduates are able to find jobs in many other industries as well if so inclined.