rice supplement

<p>ok I didn't turn in my signature portion supplement (rice box and short essays). Is this a required part? I am going to send it, but will admissions panel wait for the supplement to arrive, especially when I turn it in on like Jan 12? HELP! The fact is that I was really confused with the uploading of the signature portion in the first place. I found out about its content at the last minute (right at deadline time). Therefore, I couldn't have sent it on the date of deadline. Since then, I never received the time to fill it out. Now I'm wondering whether it might be a complete waste of my time doing it late or will the Rice ppl wait for me and actually read it.</p>

<p>Polobear, I would call Rice Admissions as soon as possible to explain what happened and to alert them that you’re sending the remaining material by priority post or by e-mail, whichever they would prefer…</p>

<p>1-713-348-RICE (7423)
1-800-527-OWLS (6957)
8:30 AM-5:00 PM weekdays CST</p>

<p>I would definitely try to contact them, it cannot hurt. I do not know whether they will accept it or not, that is their prerogative.</p>

<p>They may not read it and may consider your application incomplete. But they may make an exception. Worth a try in my opinion.</p>

<p>Ottoline: thank you for the Rice contacts. Unfortunately, I did not get the time to check this post before 5 pm; therefore, I must call tomorrow.
Antarius: Yea, that’s what I’m thinking.</p>

<p>If they deem my application incomplete…then they won’t read it…which means my application fee will go to waste. I’m in a sticky situation. I honestly thought that as long as my main application component were sent, I wouldn’t need to worry about the supplement getting there on time. I hope they’ll see how confused I was about the signature portion and the fact that it’s normal for the supplement to arrive late (for most of the colleges I have applied to, they were perfectly fine with this scenario). I just hope Rice is nicer about this issue.
TY guys.</p>

<p>I am not 100% about how Rice determines complete vs. incomplete. Usually they allow supplemental materials such as recos etc. to be sent late (as they are sent by the school and thus are not directly in your control)</p>

<p>Good Luck! And post back with what they say, if you can.</p>

<p>I sure will, thanks. I check the rice website…and they say my supplement is in. I mean I did the online typing about why i chose my college and etc…but what I did not send online was the attachment (signature—which I was so mislead in). I will definitely call admissions tomorrow and see what they say.</p>