Rice Transfer: Application Status:: Letters of Rec not listed

<p>I'm checking my application status for Rice and none of the three letters of recommendation are listed. "College Instructor Rec 1" and 2 are listed, but I'm assuming those are the Instructor Evaluations that are required and not the additional letters.</p>

<p>Should I email admissions to inquire? My letters of recommendation would have been received long before at least one of those Instructor Evaluations. </p>

<p>Also, my high school transcripts are listed as missing too. I know that was mailed the last Friday before applications were due, so I'm assuming it has yet to be processed but at what time should I be concerned and inquire? </p>


<p>If you’re concerned at all, send a quick email or just call the Admission Office. The receptionist will be able to check your application status and let you know what happened. As far as the transcript goes, that likely just hasn’t been processed yet, but it can’t hurt to check.</p>

<p>I’m sending email now, though I’m a little concerned because I emailed a copy of my Pell Grant for an application fee waiver which has not yet been responded to… Don’t like to email before a previous email has been replied to as I feel it seems pushy. But with the stern end of March deadline for everything, I can’t really wait, lol. </p>

<p>Will call Thursday though if no response so can request high school transcripts be resent if necessary. I’ll update what happens.</p>