Rice University 2025 Waitlist

Hello! I didn’t see this thread up yet, anyone have any idea when waitlist decisions start coming out this year? Has anyone been accepted yet?

A wait list means you were rejected but it’s a hedge for the school.

I say this because the worst thing you can do is hope - and get emotionally attached.

Deposit elsewhere, get psyched for going to the other school - if Rice comes, then it comes. Don’t even think about it.

I know that’s not what you’re asking…but likely they’ll start in May and go through July. That’s the norm for these type schools.

They have to see their yield. If they need more kids, then they have to decide who to invite - because most will look at the student profile and try to find what they don’t have - so if you are from N Dakota and they have no one from there, etc.

Then they have to wait for the group they invite to respond - til they can get to the next list.

Just saying - when you ask - that means you’re hopeful. Don’t be hopeful.

You sent in your LOCI and forget it - you’ll be much happier in the long run.

You’ll accept to whichever school - and get pumped - it will be great for you!!!

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This is an unusual year. No one can predict how many Rice will take off the waiting list. If you look at the Rice Common Data Sets section C2 from the past five years, Rice has large numbers on the waiting list and has taken as few as 1 and as many as 127 off the waiting list. For 2019-2020 the number was 1. The best thing to do is assume you won’t get off the waiting list, emotionally commit to another school, and deposit somewhere by May 1. If Rice pulls you off the wait list then you have a choice to make. If you get a call from Houston (713 or 281 area codes are the main area codes for Houston) answer it. It might be Rice admissions on the line. Common Data Set | The Office of Institutional Research | Rice University

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i saw that Rice will be expanding their student body, but i assume that this will not affect 2025 a ton… is that true?

Yes, that’s future planning.

has anyone heard back from rice yet? Dont they usually call in april

will they start calling on monday

WLs go through July. i assumed you deposited elsewhere. You need to stop checking or you’re going to torture yourself. Get excited about where you deposited and assume you are going. If the note comes in, then great - but you’re going to have a nerve wracking 90 days and the likelihood of gaining success is small - so don’t do that to yourself.

Rice told a regular decision admit there are no additional spaces. So I doubt they are using the waitlist this year

I find that hard to believe they would have determined that this early or made a statement as such. Not doubting you. You’d have no reason to say that. Just odd that on the day many are allowing for commitments that info would already be out. Dont forget they’ll have commitments that drop later. Hence schools usually wait til just b4 statting that.

Still people on WL should still assume they were rejected bcuz they were.

That’s true! I heard this from a student who was accepted and chose a different university but never declined their offer. They got an email saying that the commitments deadline has based and their are no additional spaces.

@tsbna44 A week ago, during a parent Rice webinar, they mentioned that with 4 days to go before May 1st, already over 1000 students had committed to the Class of 2025.

Normally Rice takes very few people from the waitlist. Of course it is possible things will be different this year, but with improving COVID caseload trends and a backlog of people who deferred last year, this year’s yield could be better than expected which would cause Rice to tap the waitlist even less than it normally would. Best wishes to everyone who hopes to be tapped, but if you are waitlisted then please be prudent and accept your next-best offer rather than turning other places down in the hope Rice will somehow come through.


Anyone know why the applicant portals are down?

maybe they are uploading results!!! i dont see it tho lol

Any international students on the waitlist? :raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_woman:


anyone hear anything