Rice University: Chances for Admission?

Hi friends,

 So this is my first post on this website; I was prompted to make an account and post a thread in order to ease some anxiety about my chances. As with all questions of this nature:

-Female, Asian
-Rank: 1/622
-GPA: 106.571 weighted (on a 100.00 scale)
-SAT Score: 1540; Chemistry Subject Test: 730; Math II Subject Test 690 (yikes)
-Not a National Merit Scholar, but I got Commended if that’s worth anything, haha.
-AP Classes:
2017: Human Geography (5)
2018: Music Theory (4), World History (4)
2019: Chemistry (4), English Language and Composition (5), Physics 1 (4), Spanish Language and Culture (5), Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio (5), United States History (5)
For senior year, I’m taking a total of 9 AP classes; not sure whether this factors in at all, however.
-Extracurriculars: NHS, Key Club, DECA (business club), Academic Decathlon, UIL; while I’ve only held leadership positions in my Texas UIL team, but I have advanced to regional/state levels in most of the competitive clubs; I have been in all of these clubs for a majority of my high school career. In addition, I have won some state-level awards for art competitions.
-Income Bracket: around $120k/yr
-Intended Major: Neuroscience
-Extras: visited Rice over the summer; I have a scheduled online interview for this month; do not forget–my winning personality and charming smile.

 If any of you kind folks would give me any input on my chances, especially considering my mediocre test scores, I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

Your SAT score and rank/GPA are above-average for Rice and you are probably around the average for AP depth/breadth. Commended status will help though you are correct that your SAT subject scores aren’t high enough to give you a boost. Rice gives large bonus points to URMs but unfortunately Asian females don’t qualify for that. Main weakness is the lack of community leadership in your extracurriculars though that will be partially offset by membership in Key Club, NHS, etc. Overall I’d give you a 75 percent chance of admission. Good luck!

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

I have a few questions for you.

  1. which state do you live in? We live in California, and the test kept cancelling on us. I think most of Californian students could not take tests this year. We even tried to go to Arizona, but all tests were cancelled.

  2. Did you self study, or hired a test prep tutor?

  3. Did you hire a private college counselor? Or hired an essay coach?

From your profile, I think you will get accepted. Good luck!!