Rice University Regular Decision Class of 2025

Starting this thread. Please put all Regular Decision Class of 2025 comments here.


Looks like I’ll be waiting a while for regular decision!

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Probably until the middle of March.

hey! here from Dartmouth ED - got deferred but applied to the Rice/Baylor medical scholars program. not expecting to get into BCM but I’m hoping for a shot at Rice undergrad

We are two weeks away from the end of 2020, and Rice’s Regular Decision deadline. If you’re applying to Rice, make sure to submit your application by January 1. Good luck!

My daughter is working on her RD application and is ready to submit. She wants to send her PSAT scores and AP scores also for consideration. Where can she enter the PSAT scores in the common app? Also, she entered her AP scores in the common app, but she cant see them when she tries to review the application.

Has there been any release of info on the numbers of kids that Rice admitted during ED and/or their stats/

I am not aware of a place in the common app to enter PSAT scores. The way the PSAT scores figure in is if your student is a National Merit Scholar based on her PSAT performance. Most students with a good shot at Rice are NMS Semi Finalists or at least Commended. There is a place to enter AP scores on the common app, but I don’t know if the scores show up when the student is reviewing the app. Maybe a current student or applicant can answer. Rice gives course credit for 4s and 5s. If she has a question about the app, she should give the admission office a call or shoot them an email before she submits it.

See the article from the Rice Thresher,

In the Common App under the Rice university questions/Academics section, there is a question which asks applicants if they want to share their PSAT, AP and some other test scores. This is new this year as Rice is Test Optional. She reported all her AP scores in the common app under testing. She had a chance to take the SAT only once in early 11th grade and she scored over 1500. She is a National Merit Semifinalist (God willing finalist and hopefully a scholar), she is including all her scores. But when she tries to review the app before submitting it, the PDF shows “No Scores to report”. This is not happening with any other uni/college. She just wants to be done with this today if possible and we wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience.

The scores didn’t show up for my son on Rice and another school common app PDF AP review but they do show up for the school admissions. Once you submit you will see on the Rice portal that the scores have been submitted. I’m not sure why they don’t show up on the preview app.

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@Momof0ne Your daughter sounds like a terrific applicant. It makes sense that Rice tweaked the app this year as it has gone test optional. The admissions office is very helpful. If she has questions, she should reach out to them Monday before hitting submit. That might also get her on their radar screen as showing interest.

Accepted ED applicant here! I had the same concerns as you as I submitted the Common App but found there was a “My Test Scores” tab under the Rice Admission Student Portal to report all scores, including PSAT (which I opted to self-report). Per what I’ve heard from Rice’s admissions events, this is another factor they’ll consider this year if submitted. If you haven’t gotten the link to the portal already, you should within a couple days of submitting the Common App!

Best of luck to her!

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@Acahill4338, Congratulations on your acceptance. She is planning to reach out to the Admissions office and get some guidance before she hits submit. But is is reassuring that she is not the only one seeing this issue and it could be something to do with the app itself. Thanks again.


Heads up Rice RD applicants, if you’re still working on your application and have any last-minute questions about it for the admission office, reach out soon. The admission offices will be closed Dec. 23 - Jan. 4.

My son says that he needs to submit the common app part before he can submit the writing supplements. He he correct?

He is correct

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Good Luck to all who submitted RD applications.


Has anyone gotten their portal yet? My application on CA says downloaded by college but not my supplement?