Rice University Spring 2022 Transfer

I talked to an admission officer today and they said the yield shouldn’t matter that much so we’ll be fine especially since barely anyone applies for spring transfer compared to fall. That made me feel better. So we can breath a bit and don’t have any expectations for Wednesday. I hope you all can breath now too, I thought I should share the good news.


Thank you for sharing the great news :grinning:

It looks like decisions will be released at 17:00 CST. I’m literally shaking. Let’s hope that today is the day we pop our Champagne corks.

Today is the day, good luck to everyone!!

Rejected :sleepy: Good luck everyone



accepted! oml i’m literally shaking y’all

Anyone else get a waitlist offer by chance?


Rejected, but sincere congratulations to anyone who got in!!:heart:

Yes I did. I’m trying to stay positive but I know that barely anyone makes it off the waitlist.

thank you! :slight_smile:

Heyo! I was also accepted and will most likely be a sports med & exercise physiology major in the spring. Hbu? and CONGRATS on your acceptance!

Admitted students: have any of y’all received emails about res college assignment & setting up your Rice email?

nope nothing yet! have you??

I have not either. I am guessing we will hear more closer to the commitment deadline

Hi! Do any of yall know what the “dean of undergraduates hold” is on esther?

Here’s a list of the holds on Esther. Sounds like you should reach out to the Dean’s office to see what the problem is.

thank you! I sent them an email earlier but they are definitely closed by now. I am not sure what it could involve but it is making me anxious haha

I completely understand. But there is just probably some sort of information they need from you. I wouldn’t stress about it. Holds are common and usually pretty simple to take care of.