Rice University Spring 2022 Transfer

Hi guys! Just find out there seems no info about Rice University Spring 2022 Transfer so I just post one. Hope we can share information here and help each other out through this time period.


I will also be applying for the Spring. Hopefully we can get this thread going

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Hey, everyone! This is my third time applying so I am hoping third time’s the charm! I am applying to the English Major with a concentration in Creative Writing! Good luck to you all!!

Hey guys! Applying as Policy Analysis major :slight_smile:

Thought I’d start a Discord so we could all chat: Rice University Spring 2022

Hi everyone! I’m applying as an economics major.

Last season’s fall transfer was absolutely brutal, so I’m hoping that the Spring transfer will do the charm.

same here!! I applied for 2021 Fall and so many people were rejected it was terrible. Im hoping for the same! I only want to attend Rice

It really was a brutal year. I’ve applied to 8 universities and 7 rejected me, even though I had a 4.0/4.0 for my college grade and 3.7/4.0 on my high school years. Good luck!

What were your college stats/ECs?

4.0 and one EW for college.

Had three years of gap between uni and high school. I had two careers that are closely tied with my major, economics. Just the normal stuff in high school with band captain and honor roll kind of stuff.

Hey guys! I just applied for this cycle, too, for the first time. I don’t have high hopes for myself, but we’ll see. Good luck to you all!

Looks like all decisions will be released by Dec 1st. So we have about a week.

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I’m honestly freaked out. I saw that Spring 2021 acceptances were higher compared to Fall 2021 transfer acceptances. There were barely any! I hope there will be more spots for Spring 2022 especially since Rice wants to expand the university.

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Would you mind sharing those numbers?

here is the article from Rice: https://snworksceo.imgix.net/rce/5f846afa-ec5a-4ca5-a7a6-c62031b647b3.sized-1000x1000.jpg?w=800&h=600

Sorry that’s for the picture. This is the link: Mini O-Week held for 35 Spring 2021 matriculants - The Rice Thresher

it’s from Rice’s newspaper

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The yield for the freshman class entering in the fall of 2021 was higher than expected. The school was scrambling to provide housing for all of the incoming freshmen that accepted their offers. There was little room for transfers in the fall. Rice didn’t take anyone off the wait list either. Rice guarantees housing for all incoming students, including transfers. There might not be much room the spring of 2022. Rice welcomes largest class, with highest yield rate - The Rice Thresher

Good point! Hopefully there will be space for a few transfers and not just everyone gets rejected

Hopefully they accepted more than just a couple. Carnegie Mellon didn’t accept anyone for my school and offered refunds, but I got an email saying Rice decisions come out Dec 1 so I’d have to assume they accepted some of us. Good luck to you.


Oh my gosh!!! Carnegie Mellon did that!!! I would’ve been angry! I agree that rice had to accept some people or they would’ve done the same! I’m so sorry about that! That would’ve made me so sad!!

Well, it looks like the same happened to me too. I also got the email that there’s no more space kinda made me mad. Hopefully, many of us get into rice. Good luck!

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