Rice University Transfer Chances for previously admitted student

Hello everyone! I am a Freshman in college right now who was admitted to Rice University during the last application. Rice was always my dream school and it was a dream come true when I got in during high school. However, when I was making my college decisions, I ended up not choosing Rice for financial reasons. I am currently going to Centre College in Kentucky with a Full Ride plus scholarship. Although it feels great saving over $300k over the next four years, I feel that Centre is not the right place for me and I want to go to Rice University again. If I put in a transfer application for next fall, will I have a good chance of getting in again or will they take into account that I turned down their offer before?

I have strong test scores and a high school GPA so I really hope that will help me when putting in my transfer application. If I apply to Rice, I will apply as a Social Sciences major on the pre-med path.

If you do go to medical school, the extra $300k will be very helpful in keeping your total debt down, which will allow you to have more options (e.g. for choosing medical specialty) instead of always having to chase money to pay down the debt.

Transfer admission at the sophomore level (applying while in frosh year of college) will be based on both your high school record and your frosh college record. Transfer admission at the junior level (applying while in sophomore year of college) will be based mainly (exclusively for some colleges) on your college record.


Yes, but I don’t think I will be happy at Centre College for the next four years. You only get one college experience and I want it to be a great one.

What is unsatisfactory about Centre College for you?

It’s way too small and I don’t like the overall atmosphere of the school. It’s very high school like and I realized I want to go to school in a bigger city.