Rice vs Berkeley

<p>Rice University - Engineering</p>

<p>UC Berkeley - Economics</p>

<p>I also posted this on the rice section..
Which one do you think is a better choice ??</p>

<p>Which one ??</p>

<p>I have a similar question. I was accepted into Rice and Berkeley both for chemistry. I know that Berkeley is really good for graduate chemistry, but does that apply for undergrad as well?
toyou22: what is your career path?
I am leaning a little toward Berkeley right now, but Rice is a really good private school.</p>

<p>any chem majors out there? i need more info on berkeley's college of chemistry</p>

<p>I heard that chemistry at Cal is great. But, I think Cal is more centered on grad rather than on undergrad. So, as for me, I am going more towards rice as I plan to study engineering and go for MBA.</p>

<p>Berkeley's College of Chemistry is a 6 building mini-campus. It only houses chemistry, chemical engineering, and chemical biology majors, so it provides a smaller college atmosphere in a larger university setting.</p>

<p>The lower division math and science courses will be large and competitive. </p>

<p>Chem majors have their own chemistry classes...just for College of Chemisty majors. The courses go into greater depth and are smaller than the general chemistry courses.</p>

<p>You can get research opportunities, but you need to actively seek these out as an undergraduate. At a larger school, you can be the anonymous kid that only comes to class on test days and sets the curve, or you can be an active participant. Berkeley will not hold your hand and guide you, so you need to have sort of an independent spirit. </p>

<p>Berkeley's College of Chemistry is tops. The place oozes history. Plutonium was discovered in a lab of Gilman Hall (chemical engineering building). The faculty is phenomenal. Berkelelium and Californium on the periodic table are a testament to its strength.</p>

<p>Rice is very good. Houston weather sucks compared to San Francisco. The school is much smaller, and you'll get much more personalized attention. If this appeals to you, Rice might be the choice for you.</p>

<p>Rice has a great engineering program. It will be widely recruited by the Texas energy industry. If this appeals to you, I might select Rice.</p>

<p>thanks for the info! that helps a lot.</p>

<p>Okay, so I will be applying for colleges soon and I am a Canadian citizen wanting to apply for pre med. I am really torn between where to apply as I feel Rice and Duke would give me great research opportunities which may not be as readily available to me at UT. (University of Toronto.) Plus, UT would be virtually free for me whereas Rice and Duke would rack up quite the bill after 4 years. Where do you think I should apply if I strictly consider the quality of the program and research opportunities? Price isn't much of an issue right now.
I can get plenty of scholarships at any University.</p>

<p>GPA UW: 4.0
SAT: 2260
IB HL's -Math, Chem, Bio, English
Predicted IB score-= 41</p>

<p>Not sure why you're posting on this board, but I'll bite.</p>

<p>My opinion is to go to UT unless you get significant scholarship at Rice/Duke. For pre-meds, the school's name isn't as important as it would be if you were Engineering/Business.</p>