Rice vs UNC OOS

DS is undecided regarding major possibly a pre-med track. Full pay at both. He has visited both previously. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Pre-med is definitely superior at UNC if you are looking to practice medicine. Both are excellent, but UNC is definitely a notch above Rice in that category. If you’re interested in medical research, however, they are about equal. This is according to the US News rankings and job placement.

Both would be excellent choices but they are very different (large state school v small private school). He needs to consider which is the best fit. Offhand I would think Rice would have smaller class sizes, more interaction with professors etc. which could be an advantage. But if you are in-state for UNC then the cost savings might be important with med school in the future.

^^^I see now that you are OOS for UNC. Ignore last sentence.

The only difference is big vs. small school. THere is no difference in premed between the two (premed is just taking a set of courses - not even a major)

Once again I agree that Erin’s dad is giving solid advice. I actually think that the OP’s kid will find Rice more challenging.