Rice vs. UT vs. U of M

<p>I'm in the fortunate position of choosing between these great schools. I'm from Texas, and would be a mechanical engineering major at Rice, and aerospace engineering major at UT and U of M. I'm not totaly sure if I want to do engineering... my other interests lie mainly in business/economics.</p>

<p>Congrats on your acceptances! That's quite an accomplishment.</p>

<p>If costs are similar for you, I would choose Rice. Mechanical engineering, IMO, will give you a broader employment base. Also, since Rice is a smaller school, it will allow you to explore different options more easily.</p>

<p>If UT though is much cheaper, I would consider it strongly. UT has top engineering and business programs.</p>

<p>Also, since you have interests in engineering, business and economics, you can do as I did...BS in engineering and an MBA later (company paid for mine).</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>If you live in Houston, and i get the feeling that you do, i would go to U-T if money is an issue or Michigan if it is not. I just feel that living so close to home, no matter how good the school is, takes away from the college experience as a whole.</p>

<p>How much will it cost you to attend those schools and are finances a potential concern for your folks or is money not an issue?</p>

<p>While I tend to agree that staying at home for school is normally a bad idea, I feel like most people at Rice who are originally from Houston don't suffer at all. It's a big enough city (and really, if you're from Katy or Sugarland or something, it's such a long drive home that you probably won't be tempted to make it very often at all) that you'll probably find yourself in a totally different part of it. I feel like I go home more often than some of my friends who are from Houston, and I'm flying distance.)
Also, since you probably don't know that many people going to Rice from your high school (I'd guess Memorial/Bellaire have the highest numbers, and even then I think it's still in the single digits every year) that you won't have the "everyone I know from high school now at college with me" that people often experience at state schools.</p>

<p>Of course I'm biased :)</p>

<p>I would strongly encourage you to go to Rice, especially since it has a great academic reputation as well as an awesome social atmosphere. The student body is small and the college system is the best thing that any school can offer. If you want to easily meet people and be able to be in close contact with faculty, alumni, and the community, Rice is an excellent choice. Money at Rice should not be as difficult becuase they will not make you pay something that they don't believe you can afford. If you have any questions about Rice, feel free to ask. Also, if you have already been accepted I suggest attending Owls Days. It's a great opportunity see the classes and some of what Rice has to offer.</p>

I would strongly encourage you to go to Rice, especially since it has a great academic reputation as well as an awesome social atmosphere.


<p>While those are indeed great reasons, they apply just as easily to UT and Michigan.</p>

<p>Hmm, tough...</p>

<p>I'd say you should narrow it down to
Rice and Texas</p>

<p>and see if you're going to grad-school
afterwards, because that would be
a factor in tuition.</p>

<p>Rice offers the best total college experience (unless you are interested in big-time sports- Rice only has baseball). Go with Rice. Great campus, vibrant city and top academics.</p>

<p>The College System is an excellent way to meet people and have a family at school. The first day at freshman orientation(the best week of your life) you will easily meet 100 poeple.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reponses. I live in Dallas and no finances are not a concern...although I'd like to save my parent's money as much as I can, but I dont qualify for financial aid if that's what y'all are asking.</p>

<p>My niece went to Rice and had a great time. In fact, too much of a good time there. I would vote for Rice if money is not a concern.</p>

<p>I am a big sports fan (Dad went to UT so I always root for the Horns), but I just like having the DI sports, I'm not really concerned if they are good (at least Rice is a national power in something, although the stadiums at UT and Michigan are REALLY COOL). Also my senior class this year has over 1000 kids in it, so size (big or small) isnt an issue for me. I like UT and Michigan, but like I said before, I have other interests some I 'm kind of concerned that if I go to Michigan or Texas and don't like engineering and try to transfer to business, what happens if I don't get accepted (more for Ross, since their sophomore admissions rate is like 35-40%).</p>

<p>Rice offers amazing academics with just the best undergrad experience anywhere. I really believe that. (I also believe that Rice is better than a basket of kittens, chocolate fudge cake from Cheesecake Factory, and a nice bottle of Italian brachetto.)</p>

<p>At Rice, you'll know all your professors and they'll all know you. I know that doesn't always happen at UT or UM... They're both excellent schools, but...</p>

<p>Oh go to Rice if you can!! If you don't, I'll gladly go again for another four years! =)</p>

<p>PS- Dallas is a perfect distance from Rice.
PPS- I went to every home football game (and a lot of away games) when I was at Rice. Basketball's going to be good again, and Autry should be reopening soon so you'll have a gorgeous new bball venue. Reckling's a gorgeous baseball park. Rice Stadium is where Kennedy gave his moon speech, and it was actually the site of a Superbowl back when it first opened. It's got a brand new jumbotron... So long as you don't mind losing quite a bit, you at least get some really good opponents.</p>

<p>Since you live in Dallas, Rice seems like a good choice for you. Certainly not too close to home. Since you are not from the north, i would think winters in A2 would take quite some time getting used to. I realize Dallas can get chilly, but it's not like 3-4 months of sub freezing weather virtually everyday. ;-)</p>

<p>Westsidewolf, visit the three campuses and pick the school you like best. However, UT-Austin will probably save you so much money, I think it would be hard to justify going to either of the other two schools.</p>

<p>Rice has BEER BIKE!</p>