Rice Waitlist

<p>Was anyone waitlisted at Rice? I hear that it's relatively easy to get in off the waitlist (as opposed to other colleges). Can anyone confirm this? Also, what is the deal with the priority waitlist? Do many people get on this? If you dont get on it, do you have any chance of getting in?</p>

<p>i got waitlisted too ...
how many students do they waitlist and wat r the chances of being accepted?</p>

<p>92 were admitted from the waitlist in 03</p>

<p>i was waitlisted and i sure hope that i have a chance.</p>

<p>waitlisted. Are you guys going to put yourself on the waiting list?</p>

<p>i already have. right now, i think i'd rather go to rice than berkeley. therefore, i'm praying that i get off the wait list. good luck guys!</p>

<p>Hey sunkist - you're in exactly the same position as me. Berkeley is my second choice, and I was waitlisted at Rice. Weird</p>

<p>I only know one person who was waitlisted at Rice and she didn't get in, but she wasn't a very good student.</p>

<p>NO way. Rice is also MY first choice and Berkeley a close second. Admitted to Berkeley engineering but waitlisted at rice! Hope we all get in. :(</p>

<p>Wow how weird. My first choice is Rice (waitlisted), and my second choice is Berkeley (out of state). We shoulld start a club. Sunkist, I was rejected from Brown as well. That was a horrible rejection for me, because I wanted to go to Brown so badly.</p>

<p>Well, I was waitlisted at Rice, too. Sorry to break the trend, but my second choice is actually Plan II at UT. Still really hoping to to get into Rice though. I think I have as good of a chance as anyone. :)</p>

<p>how do you put urself on the waitlist i dont live in the states so i havent gotten the letter yet i had checked it online ..........</p>

<p>angel: If you were waitlisted, they would have included a card or something with their decision letter.</p>

<p>Plan II is still good. :)</p>

<p>thanks simba ill wait for the letter then...</p>

<p>How many people are usually waitlisted?</p>

<p>I'm wondering too. </p>

<p>That's so funny that there's so many of us that got waitlisted at Rice and our second choice is Berkeley. We definitely should start a club. :)
Any of you guys going to Cal day?</p>

<p>pinkearmufs: Yeah, I was devastated by my Brown rejection. Well, life goes on and we can always transfer if we really want to go there. There's also grad school too.</p>

<p>Yeah, I got waitlisted to Rice, too. Conveniently enough, they wouldn't specify how many people they actually offer a waitlist position to. But judging by this thread, it's a lot. But I'm liking the comments about how /everyone/ gets in off the waitlist. If I got in there, pending a happy visit (of course..), I'm down with rice 09 haha. </p>

<p>But, does anybody know how many people are put on the waitlist? That would REALLY help. Thanks!</p>

<p>That one is a mystery bergss. Rice's website doesn't say anything either. </p>

<p>So what are you waitlistees doing to improve your chances? Sending in essays, recs, updates?</p>

<p>i was given priority waitlist.. how many are on the priority wait list? anyone know?
i'm looking at hopkins if i don't get off the list =T</p>