Richmond or W&M?

<p>I got accepted to both with a 1/2 tuition scholarship from Richmond (making the cost about the same). I want to major in biology/psychology. I've visited both schools and I love them both! HELP!</p>

<p>I'm a female living in Texas. An out of state acceptance to W&M is hard to pass up, but I think I would really fit in at Richmond. I don't know what to do.</p>

<p>I'm a new member to the forum having just discovered it the other day. I'm a native to Williamsburg Virginia and was accepted earlier this year to UR under the school's ED process. I’ll throw in my two cents worth on this topic since I faced the same decision as you are facing right now Cows. Being a native of Williamsburg I had the unique advantage of taking two different classes at William and Mary and loved them both. I knew with my recommendations from William and Mary professors I would be accepted to the school even with my relatively mediocre GPA (3.5ish). Ultimately I decided to apply to Richmond over W+M because of cost (oddly enough I knew it would be cheaper to go to UR). The two campuses are amazingly beautiful, both schools have excellent professors, and both schools have strong reputations around the country.<br>
From my point of view UR is in the process of furiously trying to increase its level of prestige. By changing their category of classification this fall and increasing the cost of tuition to fund various education-improving projects, the school is becoming a better and better buy. Since you mention being interested in a Bio major I would point out that although W+M has an excellent reputation for having a strong bio program, Richmond’s newly renovated science center should put the schools in a dead heat.
The only advice I can give is to follow your gut on this one. Both schools share so many good qualities, and although each school has its own unique flaws you could probably be very happy at either. If you have any questions that I might be able to answer (especially about Williamsburg) feel free to fire away. Best of luck in making your decision!</p>

<h2>Ultimately I decided to apply to Richmond over W+M because of cost (oddly enough I knew it would be cheaper to go to UR). </h2>

<p>OK, dumb parent here. I realize this is not really my business, but saying your gpa is 3.5ish and you're instate, how is UR, at 42K cheaper than WM at around 13K? Please, don't get me wrong here. Both have absolutely wonderful programs and are beautiful campuses, and most likely it's a little "sour grapes" as S. was wait listed at WM, accepted at UR (no aid at all), but is happy with the other choice he's making.</p>

<p>Well, even with my low GPA I’m sure I would have been accepted to W+M because:
1-I’m an in state male
2- I aced both William and Mary classes I had the privilege of taking
3- I had the acting Dean of Undergraduate Studies write me a letter of recommendation to UR only after he and I had an hour long conversation about my future educational opportunities. In a freak twist of good fortune I had been allowed to take an already overloaded history class that this same kind man taught.
4-My SAT breakdown wasn’t brilliant, but with a 610M and a 770V I put myself in the running to go to W+M
5-My extracurriculars were abnormal in the sense that I did things like work in an outdoor living history museum for over ten years.</p>

<p>With all this said, William and Mary still would have cost my roughly 13K. Prior to applying anywhere this past fall I did my research and discovered UR’s policy of meeting 100% of expressed need based aid. Combined with local academic scholarships UR turned out to be a steal. In your particular case, if it helps I’ve heard of a few instances where students went to UR for a year and then informed the school they wouldn’t be able to stay with the institution because of the high price (then even lower than it is now). From what I have heard these students were given extremely positive feedback and ultimately were able to finish their education at Richmond.</p>

<p>Hey, I am a transfer to UR as of next fall...I am from RIchmond and will be attending there...I applied to UR and W+M and visited both...UR has a much nicer, there's alot more to do in Richmond than in Williamsburg...also, while you will work your butt off at W+M (have heard crazy stories there of people driven nuts by workload), UR provides a little more balance and better quality of life while still providing a prestigous degree...just my 2 cents...good luck</p>

<p>of course, untie<em>the</em>cows, you should follow your gut, but in case you need any more help deciding, i offer these wise points:</p>

<li><p>William and Mary's copy machines are 10cents/copy, while Richmond's are 20cents/copy</p></li>
<li><p>William and Mary has a good blend of churning butter and nice people, while Richmond has pearls and stuck up girls</p></li>
<li><p>There's more punk rock music in colonial Williamsburg</p></li>
<li><p>Spiders are nasty</p></li>
<li><p>go to w&m, you'll be closer to blacksburg</p></li>


<p>I don't want to be near blacksburg. OR YOU!</p>

<p>closer to Blacksburg would be UR...I am from the I think I should know...but anyway...</p>


<p>Please explain what you mean by "pearls" and also "churring people." Thanks.</p>

<p>psshhhh, whit you don't know jack. Blacksburg is closer to W&M</p>

<p>'ole cowboy aceestrin challenges you to a duel, sundown tomorrow; lil' cowgirl untie<em>the</em>cows will be there to cheer me on.</p>

<p>i will assume you have accepted the duel - prepare your pistol.</p>


<p>Maybe now I'm even happier I'm going to Richmond.</p>

<p>Yea everyone Cows decided to go to Richmond...with the cool people like moi! yay!</p>