Richmond RD 2024

Hi! Admission decisions just came out for UR, and I was wondering who got in and what their stats were?

Son just saw the email and had no idea decisions were being released tonight. Was accepted with Presidential Scholarship. UR does a really nice job of personalizing the acceptance letters. Clearly a first class institution.

4.0/4.82 GPA
35 ACT
800 SAT II Math
800 SAT Chem
8 AP 4 DE
Excellent EC’s including summer research internship
Lots of volunteer hours
Solid LOR’s from STEM instructors.
Major in math or chem

Daughter got in. No aid.
33 ACT (34 super)
6 AP
4.0 unweighted
leadership positions, club founder, varsity soccer, etc…
Sticker price too much! So sad. Thought this would be a great fit.

Son was accepted.

760 Math
680 ELA
4.0 GPA
Leadership Roles
Boys State
3 APs
2 College Courses

No money.

Son accepted 1420 SAT 8 AP’a 4.0 unweighted GPA lots of EC, VP of school, departmental scholarship in theater/dance

Hi! My daughter was waitlisted. Anyone have any insights on U of R’s waitlist process and timing fir final decision? The email said they’d advise us no later than May 1, but that doesn’t help much when that’s the day to commit somewhere. Congrats to thise who were accepted!

Sorry for typos…

Was waitlisted… 32 ACT, 3.91 UW, 11 APs, lots of great ECs… little disappointed haha

@Readytogo2020, If I may asked I thought the school meet 100 percent of need, if admitted? I was wondering why no money was offered. Thank you in advance for any insight

@Readytogo2020, oh never mind I think everyone is talking about merit based. Not need based.

SAT 1400
4.41 GPA weighted
3.71 GPA unweighted
8 AP’s (threes and fours)
Good Essays
Good EC’s
Business Major, but I don’t think they take that into account, since you don’t declare until sophomore year
Wasn’t expecting to get in, so it’s all good:)

ACT 33
WGPA: 4.2
GPA: 3.75
9 APs, 3 IBs
Good essays
Good EC’s
Great letter of recommendation

Does anyone know chances of being accepted off the waitlist? I heard it’s completely random.

1410 SAT(Superscore)
4.4 W GPA

Does anyone know if/when they will mail acceptance packets?

Accepted with no $$ aid

White Male
33 ACT
4.0 unweighted GPA
2 Varsity Sports
Class President

We are wondering the same and by chance does anyone know the % of students who were accepted off the waitlist last year and other prior years?

@wlrush on their website, UR has a Class of 2023 student profile and it shows 8% of those who enrolled came off the waitlist.

Thank you for that info!

Has anyone heard anything about the waitlist?

Son got accepted off of waitlist today! he is thrilled