Richmond Robins or BC CSOM for Accounting

My daughter has narrowed down her college options to Boston College or University of Richmond. She is planning to study accounting, but dos not plan to work at a big four firm.

She had pretty much wrapped her head around going to BC, but then we visited Richmond this weekend…We all pretty much fell in love with the campus, which has caused a great deal of stress and indecision about what to do. The schools are so different and they seem to have equal pros and cons.

BC pros: higher ranked business school, better recruiting?, Catholic university, <100 miles from home (also a con), big sports.
BC cons: some large classes, $5k/yr more than Richmond, dorm options not so great, social events more expensive
Richmond pros: Absolutely stunning campus with lots of cozy places to sit and work or socialize (inside or outside), one summer of guaranteed funding for internship or research,much better meal plan, all small classes, better weather, experience living in a different part of the country
Richmond cons: Greek life, travel from home not easy, social life (do students attend sporting events?)

Any input?

Cannot speak for BC, although I do know that it is a lovely school. It seems that everyone has a problem with Richmond’s greek life? I’m not quite sure why, but it is always a misconception that everyone there participates in greek life. I have many friends that go there and I know for a fact that there are a good amount of students who do not participate in it. You are definitely not pressured into rushing. Greek life members and non greek life members are friends. They also do not have greek housing. I can totally understand the traveling situation. Social life at UR is great! They may be a small school, but they have just as much school spirit as any other school. Basketball games are always fun. My friends say that there is always something to do. Richmond is also a great area. It is near a lot of shopping/eating areas and historical areas. The town also hosts several great events such as festivals. Will the extra 5K for BC financially hurt you? Just because BC has a higher ranked business school does not mean that it is better. Several Robins’ graduates land amazing jobs and Robins has a wonderful facility, faculty, and history. Best of luck to you all on your D’s decision. I’m sure she will thrive at either of the schools! They are both wonderful schools and you could not go wrong with either one of them.

As mentioned above, greek life really isn’t that big of a deal at UR. Approx 30% of students participate in Greek life, however, there is no pressure to do so. Students do attend sporting events (we are Division 1), particularly the basketball games, but there are plenty of social events besides those. We have a group called CA alternatives (I think they’re changing the name to SpiderNights) which hosts substance-free events. They’ve had a carnival night, board game night, international trivia night, and several open mic nights. There are also all the performing arts events hosted by the Modlin center, the Department of theater and dance, and the music department.
UR B-school is also a top 20 business school and employers heavily recruit from here.

Hi. Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but which would you say has a more laid back environment, BC or Richmond?