Richmond Scholar Finalists, post questions here, please

<p>Congratulations to all the finalists out there. The last thread is heavy with other issues and I know I'm going to lose track of your questions in there. If you have questions for me or each other, let's put them in a new thread, OK?</p>

<p>Our faculty and staff are looking forward to meeting you soon!</p>

<p>UR Admissions</p>

I got an email today saying "You have been selected as a finalist for the Richmond Science Scholarship"; but two other emails say I'm a finalist with Oldham designation. I'm confused; I thought you could only have one designation as a finalist?</p>

<p>Hey again.</p>

<p>I have an interview scheduled for March 3rd at the consulate's. That's the soonest that they could have offered an interview. What documents do I bring with me in addition to the contents of the FedEx packet? I also fear that my FedEx packet might not arrive by then... In that case will a print out of the email and the attachment suffice?</p>

<p>Furthermore, we have been all asked to make travel plans by March 5th. To that respect what exactly are candidates supposed to do?</p>

<p>Lastly, my country is notorious because of illegal immigration to the US. People apply for a Tourist visa, go to the US and never come back. (I'm not proud to admit that fact). And for that very reason, only a select handful of Bangladeshis are given visas by the US embassy in Dhaka. I fear I might not be amongst the lucky ones.... </p>

<p>Can you guys help out with the visa thing? Is there anyway that you can tell the US consulate directly, that a certain "Tanveer Ahmed" has indeed been selected as a Richmond Scholar finalist, and is to appear an interview at the school campus between March 18th and 20th? Or are there any other means by which you can convince the US consulate to indeed offer me that visa come interview time?</p>

<p>Suggestions are very welcome!</p>

<p>Hello tanna,</p>

<p>My country is notorious because of illegal immigration to the US too. The situation is exactly as what you described. Millions of people went to the States and never back.</p>

<p>Additionally, the daunting number of visa applicants here makes it impossible to schedule an interview in a month or so, so I am still trying to solve this problem.</p>

<p>And I think a print out is not enough, since it is not authentic, and nobody will trust a simple print out documentation. However, FedEx is generally fast and Richmond mailed them out last Friday, so you could get it very soon. That thing will be more reliable.</p>

<p>I think the admissions will help you, and it will not be too difficult. I also want to know what other documentations are necessary...</p>

<p>Anyway, best luck and see you on campus.</p>


<p>You can only have one designation as an award recipient, but there are a handful of students who are being asked to interview by more than one of the designation committees while they are here. Sorry for the confusion. </p>

<p>UR Admissions</p>

<p>Tanna, Keyhawk and others in the same boat--</p>

<p>You should take the letter with you to the visa interview that details that you've been admitted to the University and are required to interview on campus from March 18-20. </p>

<p>I understand why you feel anxious about a 3/3 interview and a deadline of 3/5to book your travel, but just keep in touch with Jen Hale on what is happening with your planning. It is tight, but it is not impossible. </p>

<p>If for some reason you are denied a visa, we will arrange for a phone interview between you and the committee and no one would hold you responsible for your inability to visit campus under those circumstances. </p>

<p>We do hope to have a chance to meet you both in person, and to introduce you to the campus, but if that's not possible now, it will not hurt your chances at the scholarship. </p>

<p>Best wishes--UR Admissons</p>

<p>what is the dress code for the richmond scholar finalist interview?</p>

<p>There isn't a dress code for the scholarship interview however I would consider that the University is considering making an investment in you that will equal anywhere between $160,000 and $210,000 over four years. In that spirit, how would you dress? I don't think that suit/tie or a dress (for women) is required, but I would certainly plan to be dressed in a respectful, professional way. During the rest of your stay I would pack to dress as you do in school most days (unless you go to a school with uniforms!). There is a dinner one night where I might want to dress a notch above "school clothes". Doing all this without packing a ton of stuff may be a challenge. </p>

<p>Check before you come to be sure you are OK for the forecast. While the weather should be warm and beautiful this time of year, every now and then we get surprised. I remember a young lady in open-toe sandals having to walk across campus in driving snow one year--and she was from right here in town, so she should have known it was going to snow! I felt terrible for her. (It hasn't snowed all winter here, so I doubt it's going to start now, but this story is to illustrate the point). </p>

<p>I hope that will make your packing a bit easier. </p>

<p>See you soon!</p>

<p>UR Admissions</p>

<p>UR Admissions,
In our finalist packets it mentions that we will be staying with hosts. What are these arrangements, and will we be able to contact our hosts before the weekend?
Thank you!</p>

<p>You will meet your host when you arrive for the visit. Our students are on spring break next week, so they are not in a position to communicate with you ahead of time.</p>

<p>UR Admissions, can we schedule for the interview ahead of time? It might very well be the case that the incoming flight is delayed. To that respect, I would really like to schedule my interview even before I am on campus on the 18th. </p>

<p>Furthermore, with due humility, I would like to know if my missing any of the first day events would tarnish my chances at the scholarship interview? I have family in the US and they are insistent that I visit them by forgoing the ceremonials in the first day of campus events. </p>

<p>Thank you.</p>


<p>I presume from your message that you are no longer worrying about the visa issue and I'll take that as a very good sign that you've already gotten one. Yeah! That's great! </p>

<p>For all of you who are finalists, what you need to understand is that the whole time you are here is more or less the "interview". You are expected to participate in the entire visit. The session where you will sit down with a group of faculty members for a 30 minute talk with no other students present will take place on 3/19 and your time slot will be assigned by our staff. You'll learn the time for that session when you get here but if your flight is delayed, we will accommodate for that. We've accommodated for delayed flights and other travel challenges every year, so we know how to manage. </p>

<p>Tanna, I understand that your extended family in the US is excited to see you but unfortunately we expect that you will be present with us for the entire 3 days. If you wish to arrange to visit with them, you are welcome to extend your stay to include that time however any changes in your airline ticket would be at your expense. Respectfully, none of the program is merely ceremonial. </p>

<p>I look forward to meeting you in person soon.</p>

<p>UR Admissions</p>

<p>Could you provide us a bit more information regarding the room temperature in the University? Do you, at this of the year, use air-conditioning or other device in campus buildings to control the temperature?</p>

<p>Okay, I'll be doing that then! I have e-mailed Covtrav about rescheduling the departing flight, and we are working on it. Thanks again.</p>

<p>Hey, I have another concern though. I have SAD. Is it going to be a real problem when I show the symptoms of my social anxiety in the events spanning the three days? I have a very difficult time making friends for precisely that affliction and I wonder if I will have friends at Richmond.</p>

<p>And what are your tips for the interview? Any advice would be appreciated really!</p>

<p>Well I don't know exactly how the thermostats are set, but the buildings are heated at this time of year. It is not yet warm enough for the AC to be turned on. I would plan to dress in layers and bring a coat or jacket for the evenings--it could be chilly during the day time as well. According to's 10 day forecast for Richmond, we expect it to be in the high 60's (fahrenheit) during the day and possible showers. When the temps go down at night the heat in the buildings should maintain temps in the high 60's would be my estimate.</p>

<p>UR Admissions,
I have read the packet of information including the dress code, and I have a few logistical questions. Does "casual wear" mean business casual, or jeans? And will we have time to change before various events (like between visiting classes and the interview)?
Thanks so much!</p>

<p>Casual is whatever you decide it to be. We are hoping to get to know YOU, not to tell you how we want you to be so you can please US. I hope that makes sense. If you arrive on Tuesday before 3:30 and plan to dress very casually for traveling, there should be plenty of time to go to your host's room and change before a reception and dinner (which are still moderately casual, but not sweatpants-casual). If you are scheduled to arrive after 3:30, it might be a tighter time frame for getting changed. You'll be meeting informally with faculty and other students that evening. Tuesday will be the sit down "interview" and most of the rest of the day will be yours to explore the campus, meet with faculty, tour facilities etc. For the interview, I would dress more formally although coat/tie or dress is NOT necessary unless that is how you feel the best. There are information sessions in the late afternoon and a nicer dinner that night. Thursday it is appropriate to be casual (jeans are fine). </p>

<p>As for how your anxiety symptoms will reveal themself and how others will react to that I can't say. I hope you'll understand that everyone here is honestly interested in getting to know you, is already extremely impressed by your achievements and is really just meeting you to get a sense of how the fit between your aspirations and Richmond's offerings will be. Everyone else will also be nervous, so I don't think you'll be that unusual. Try not to be too self-conscious if you can help it. If you are uncomfortable talking about yourself, ask questions of others and be an engaged listener--that's good advice in any social situation. I don't think any of you will find it difficult to make friends here and in many cases our scholar candidates really bond with each other during this visit. So be open to making friends from the moment you arrive. Your hosts are all scholars too, so they were in your shoes not long ago. They will be happy to help you relax and get to know Richmond. Feel comfortable asking them questions. </p>

<p>It will all be fine--we're going to have fun getting to know each other, OK? Try to relax. Travel safely. If you are coming a long distance and haven't traveled this far before, my best advice is to drink lots of water on the plane to prevent dehydration. Stay away from carbonated drinks and sugary stuff. Stash some snacks in your luggage that will feel like treats (for me that would negate the no sweet stuff advice!). As you leave your own time zone, put your watch on Richmond time and try to sleep when its nighttime here. That should help reduce your jet lag and make your arrival a little smoother. We'll take good care of all of you while you are in our care and we'll all have new friends by the end of next week!</p>

<p>See you soon.</p>

<p>UR Admissions</p>

<p>so that means that for the interview, a button down shirt and tie, with slacks is considered appropriate?</p>

<p>That would be fine.</p>

<p>Thank you so much, UR Admissions, for answering all our questions! Will we meet you on Tuesday?</p>