Richmond Vs. Furman

I am tying to decide whether to attend Furman University or University of Richmond in the fall. I have been accepted to both and Furman has offered me an $18,000 dollar scholarship. I want to go on the pre-med or pre-vet track and attend graduate school after undergrad. I would like to attend a school with great academics, but I also want to be able to have a balanced and enjoyable college experience. I have a little over a 2,100 on the SAT and a 3.5 GPA at one of the highest ranking high schools in the United States (top 15). Richmond is a very expensive university, and while I am lucky enough to be able to attend, money is always something to consider. However, that is not my main focal point at the moment. Would a student of my academic standings be able to keep the grades needed for medical school and enjoy a balanced lifestyle at Richmond? With all of this in mind which University do you think would offer me the best academic and social experience over the next four years?

I would choose Furman because while both schools are equally academically excellent, Furman has given you a better deal. I think Furman would give you an opportunity to have both a social life and maintain good academic standing that is required for admission into medical school.

I agree with the above. Both of them are excellent small liberal arts colleges that will give you the education and preparation you need for medical school. But Furman has given you financial aid that makes it cheaper for you to go. Especially if med school is your goal, minimizing your undergraduate debt is really important.