Ride to Texas on 27th leaving after noon?

<p>May need one…</p>

<p>Thought I’d inquire…</p>

<p>Even if it is half way home…pm me</p>

<p>Correcting…can leave very early Wednesday…has late Tuesday class</p>

<p>no help here, mines flying.</p>

<p>we might be able to work something out for christmas break if you want. not sure about plans for that yet.</p>

<p>does your daughter have a car there?</p>

<p>No car…but knowing the clothing requirements for Christmas break, there will be ample suitcases involved.</p>

<p>Sorry, mine is flying too. Keep checking in the future because I hate it when she drives alone!</p>

<p>My son will be driving to the DFW area on the morning of the 27th.</p>