Rider Musical Theater

How many students try out for MT at Rider College and how many are accepted into the program?

I am not completely sure of the numbers over the last several years, but I think they are in that 5 to 8 percent range.
If you are a girl you have to realize your odds are even less:).

Thank you so much. I have a son auditioning. So, he’s got that going for him:)

Class of 2020 entered with 26. Ten guys.

No class of 2020 was close or over 40 kids with about ten guys.

Just saw photo collage of 2020. 42 total. 11 guys.

Check with the MT Department on their anticipated size for this year. It has varied from year to year.

For this and all MT programs confirm numbers with the school – those collages are sometimes put together by well-intentioned students and don’t always reflect actual people who show up in Fall.