Rider University Musical Theatre

Hi everyone!
My DS and I are heading home from a visit to Rider University where he sat in on classes and also participated in master classes. There seemed to be a lot of positives, and there were several things we felt good about. Does anyone else have any experience or thoughts on the quality of training at Rider, in all areas of acting, singing, dancing? any other information and thoughts on their MT program would be greatly appreciated!

maybe you should post this in the general MT-forum so its not quite so “buried” in the school-specific sub-forum! My daughter was also accepted, we visited last month. She had a really nice day as well but I can’t really answer your questions. She is very seriously considering Rider at this point so I would like to hear some responses as well :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will try to post in general MT, though I’m new at this!
I’d love to know if your daughter chooses Rider and where else she may be considering!
Best of luck to her. :slight_smile: