Rider University scholarship

My classmate was recently accepted into Rider with 24k scholarship.
How difficult is it to receive a presedential scholarship at Rider University?

do you know their stat? have you talked to Rider?

I don’t know her stat!!!

I received the Presidential Scholarship with a 3.99 GPA and 30 ACT.

I received the Presidential Scholarship with a 3.97 GPA and a 30 ACT
Does anyone have any opinions on whether Rider is a good school?

My son is a junior at Rider, majoring in Information Systems. He has had a great experience there so far. He is in the Honors program and several Business Honor fraternities. He gets lots of opportunities for community service. His professors and advisors have all been fantastic and very helpful. The school really pushes internships. They recently rolled out a new system, “Handshake” for internships. Career services is very helpful. Rider gives out great merit scholarships, so don’t let their sticker price fool you. It’s actually a lot cheaper for him to go there than the nearby state school :wink: that didn’t give him any merit money. Overall, Rider is a good value with a good reputation. My daughter just applied and received the Presidential scholarship of $24k and sibling discount of $2k. 3.92 weighted GPA, 27 ACT, tons of ECs.

It’s not that hard, from my experience they’re pretty giving with scholarships. I was just offered a 23k a year scholarship and I have a 3.56 weighted gpa.

Does anyone know when the recipients of the ten Trustee Scholarship will be announced? I know interviews were held last Saturday. Good luck to all!!