<p>Its that time again, after a few weeks off we are on the road again. S and I are heading to Rider this Friday. Report time for auditions on Saturday is 7:30 AM. Anything special I should consider or know about Rider audition day? </p>

<p>He is very excited to meet Robin Lewis and for the dance audition (We are assuming Robin will be there?) The dance program is one of the main reasons Rider is on his list.</p>

<p>As usual, I have no information to disseminate. I’m just excited for another audition for someone else’s child! LOL</p>

<p>Go in to Princeton for a visit. Beautiful town!!<br>
Your S will be asked if he wants to be considered for acting in addition to MT, so have him think about that. The head of “straight” theatre sits in on the MT auditions.
If you want to see Robin as a young performer, rent Fosse. He is one of the dancers. (As is Jane Lanier the new head of the MT Dance program at Roosevelt.)
Break a leg, son of MTMajorCook!</p>

<p>Enjoy! You’ll get the chance to meet many of the current students, too. Ask lots of questions and enjoy the campus.</p>

<p>DD and I will be there too. This will be her first. Not sure how it will go because she has been so lazy about preparing, much to my dismay. She takes private vocal lessons once a week and works with an acting coach twice a month, but does absolutely nothing in between (even with my constant prodding).</p>

<p>I have told her that I did my part (making sure all apps were in, supplying finances, advising on schools to research) and now it’s all on her. She will be in for a rude awakening. UGH!</p>

<p>I continue to reassess whether she really wants to go to college for MT and she keeps stating yes. I know she loves performing and definitely wants to go to college, but it sure doesn’t look that way most days. </p>

<p>I have not overwhelmed her with college stuff. I have done the bulk of the paperwork, so she hasn’t been bombarded with those things. She is enjoying senior year immensely and nothing has interfered with all of those fun senior activities. </p>

<p>Never thought I’d have this type of challenge!</p>

<p>Hi Did everyone’s S or D keep getting an email from Rider that their application is not complete and then it says something about the Audition not being completed? It makes me feel like we are not doing something- this is what it says</p>

<p>We need your help! We were pleased to receive your application to Rider, but are unable to review it because the following item(s) are still missing from your file:
Chicago - Complete Scheduled Audition
Please take the time to send us the above item(s). If you have just recently sent these items, we will match them with your file as soon as we receive them. If not, please send them as quickly as possible to:</p>

<p>My S received the same message twice and once in the mail.
He is auditioning this Saturday for the B.A. Theater Performance.
I’m assuming it’s just computer generated from his file.
If they have a parent info session this weekend,
I will ask and let you know. :)</p>

<p>Thank you! and Break a Leg!</p>

<p>I think so too because my S gets the same email.</p>

<p>DD got the same email. I’m assuming that if all areas of the application aren’t received (and “audition” is one of the areas), then the email is generated, the same as if transcripts were missing. </p>

<p>We will be there Saturday too.</p>

<p>My daughter gets the same e-mail every month. I agree that it seems like just a computer generated list of all outstanding items. Kinda funny though, for it to be telling you that the only thing you’re missing is an event that couldn’t possibly have taken place yet and to please send that in as soon as possible. It’s amusing the way it’s worded.</p>

<p>Here right now. First audition. Will write up later.</p>

<p>Need to add this to audtion day horror stories. S came up from his audtion wasn’t feeling great said he fell flat on a note, which he just never does I guess nerves got to him. So anyways he goes to change for dance and drops his dance belt, bike shorts and socks in the toilet! They are soaked. He was litterally unraveling but mom to rescue I ran to campus store and he has a brand new pair of Rider short. These are what he normally dances in. Moral of story PACK and extra bag! Our stuff is still at hotel.</p>

<p>OMG, what quick thinking! </p>

<p>Safe travels to all who are on the road today!</p>

<p>Hang in there MT major cook! Great save with the shorts.</p>

Yikes! You are good. Reminds me of my son’s UMich audition a couple years ago. Everything really went smoothly, relaxing, nice pace, until 20 mins before his vocal audition which included an interview. He had forgotten his personal statement or something and we couldn’t access it online. If you’ve ever been to Michigan’s arts campus, it’s fairly hilly and spread out. Back to the hotel, retrieved the statement, drove back, searched for parking, hiked back to the building and got it there in time. Meanwhile, a CC parent friend was on the street
at the ready to relay it to him if I couldn’t park. All of this to find out some kids never even turned in the statement and were accepted! Hope the Rider shorts bring him some good karma! Travel safely!</p>

<p>MTMajorCook - I hope the day improves! :)</p>

<p>When it rains (snows today), it pours! Quick thinking on the Rider shorts. Hope the rest of his audition went well. Looking forward to the update later. Drive safe if you’re heading home today - snowing in CT so I’m sure it’s snowing in NJ and PA.</p>

<p>Rest of the day went really well. Dance audition went great. Robin Lewis, the Director of the MT Dance Dept, came to find S after the audition. Shook his hand, said it was great to meet him and that he would email S to discuss more about the program. So I think even though his songs weren’t the best he’s ever done he really did well at dance. He felt really good Robin came to find him. S knows a girl still there (she was in a later session) and she said Robin spoke to one other person and left so without reading too much into S feels good about the day.</p>

Great news about Robin finding your S, congrats to him for staying focused and doing well in the Dance audition.</p>