Ridiculousy low EFC/FAFSA estimate, anything other than Pell Grants?

<p>I was expecting an EFC of 10k+ but FAFSA said our family income was -33000 a year. Yes, NEGATIVE income (our family is by no means poor but we own several businesses that look like they're losing money).</p>

<p>I got a Pell Grant but I was wondering if there were any other need-based grants and do I need to apply for them ordoes my college consider me for them automatically?</p>

<p>Federal grants other than the Pell are the SEOG and the ACG and the SMART. </p>

<p>The SEOG is a very limited funds grant - schools are given $X in SEOG funding and once it is gone it is gone - usually those that file FAFSA early and have the most need as decided by the school are awarded the SEOG. It is not like the Pell where you automatically get it based on your EFC. The maximum varies up to $4000 according to how much SEOG funding the school is awarded. For instance the maximum SEOG my daughter's school will award is $2,000. With a 700 EFC one year she was not awarded SEOG. With a 0 EFC the next she was.</p>

<p>The ACG is based on being Pell eligible and on meeting certain academic criteria. The max for a freshman is $750 and for a sophomore $1300.</p>

<p>The SMART is for 3rd and 4th year students. The max is $4000. It is based on Pell eligibility and majoring in certain subjects.</p>

<p>The school should consider you for them automatically.</p>

<p>Oh wow, thank you swimcatsmom! That really clarified things for me :)</p>

<p>It also depends on your state. Some states have grant programs for students depending on financial need. You should be automatically considered for those.</p>

<p>While the maximum a student can be awarded through SEOG is $3000 per year, many schools award much less. A local university has a maximum SEOG award of $500. That is because there is a huge population of needy students at this school, so the school seeks to help as many students as possible from a limited pool of funds.</p>

<p>Ah, that's also true. I suppose I should just sit tight and wait then. Thank you :)</p>