Right Track for Stern?

<p>Race: Asian
GPA: ~about 3.9 out of 4 by the end of Junior YEar
Ranking: About 14 out of 289 top 5%
SAT: 2300
SAT II: Math II-800 Chem-800
Course including probable senior courseload:
4 Acc./Honors Math Courses up to Calc
2 Acc./Honors History Courses 1 Regular and 1 AP
2 AP Science Courses and 3 Acc/Honors Science Course
2 Honors English Courses, 1 AP English Course, and one regular English course
4 Years of Business Elective classes at High School</p>

DECA International Business Conference Finalist (Is this a hook, like 170k people are in DECA and I was top 20 in my category, probably had 5k-9k people worldwide competing in it)
Key Club
Lacrosse (JV)
National Honors Society
Had Work Experience as a Manager
Volunteered 40hrs+</p>