Rigor of courses - Succcessful CC Transfers?

<p>I posted this in Community College as well:</p>

<p>Can anybody who has successfully transferred to a "good" school from a CC let me know what types of courses you took/GPA? I'm considering taking on "honors" classes this semester but I do not know if the harder courses are worth the drop in GPA. Would you recommend higher GPA + normal classes or honors classes + lower GPA? Thank you.</p>


<p>How much lower do you anticipate your grades being in honors courses? In theory there really shouldn't be much of a drop (maybe 1/2 - 1 letter grade, i.e. a B instead of an A), and a lot of CCs won't allow you into the program until you have proven you have the ability to earn good marks in the rest of the curriculum. Of course in some schools that's not hard, and there tends not to be much disproportion between their primary and honor curriculum. Generally I have been advised that anything less than a B in an honors course reflects rather poorly and is an indicator that the rigor of honors coursework wasn't something the student was ready for.</p>

<p>A lot of this will also depend on the school's you are applying too and how they view your curriculum. Have you checked with any of them at all? I was accepted to UT Austin, and part of their transfer review is automatic ranking by GPA and then adjustments based on honors courses taken, etc. Not all universities do that. A private LAC in the area has an agreement with my CC that all honors program students with a GPA above a certain level are guaranteed acceptance, so you should also check if anything like that exists in your area or at the schools you are considering applying for transfer to.</p>

<p>I was also wondering something similar to this. Would someone with a 3.4-3.5 gpa with nearly all rigorous math and physics courses be just as competitive as someone with a slightly higher gpa but an easier major?</p>

<p>I think that all depends on the school and major, Laplace. Again, I have limited experience because I only applied to one school for transfer, but of the transfer applicants I know going into engineering or certain sciences with a 3.5 in honors/rigorous courses, it still wasn't enough in many cases because their major was just too competitive at their chosen institutions. I highly advise contacting the schools/departments you want to transfer to and inquiring about the average GPA and course load of transfer applicants for your preferred major - they are really the ones who can give you the best and most specific answers.</p>