<p>I love the concept, but I'm concerned about academic rigor. It's important for me to feel challenged. Anyone know anything?</p>

<p>This is a bit after your initial question, but my son transferred to Warren Wilson from a traditional east coast school which wasn't a "good fit" and he loves WWC. I'm always looking for an opportunity to sing WWC's praises - it's a fantastic school with a wonderful student body and faculty. My son attended the Senate school as a Page in Washington and also attended a Leadership Academy at the National Cathedral in DC, and he finds the professors at Warren Wilson to be experts in their fields who teach at the school because they love it, too. They also really seem to respect differing learning styles. I believe that their higher acceptance rate is a reflection on their admission pool which is largely self-selecting (much like St. John's, my son's first school). WWC has a pacifist, natural, self-sustaining philosophy, and as they say themselves, "We're not for everyone... but then, maybe you're not everyone." WWC staff is just SO NICE, and my son just seems happy all the time, even during exams when he was stressed out about getting everything finished on time. The teachers are very supportive and helpful. My son was hired to continue his campus job throughout the summer, and is more than willing to spend his vacation in the mountains outside of Asheville; WWC has music festivals and workshops all season. I hope you consider Warren Wilson!</p>