RIP Andy Rooney

<p>I always liked him. :(</p>

<p>I was just thinking of the exact same thread title. He just signed off for the last time a few weeks ago, and I always enjoyed his vignettes. I never understood, though, how he coud see out from under those eyebrows.</p>

<p>I was sorry to see that Andy Rooney died. Sigh. He retired from 60 minutes just a few weeks ago and without him, something seems to be missing. He was always unapologizingly cranky and that's rare on television, but maybe even more rare was the fact that he shared his true viewpoints even if they got him in trouble.</p>

<p>RIP...always enjoyed his comments</p>

<p>I, too, really enjoyed him and have already missed him on 60. Almost always good for a chuckle, but good food for thought as well.</p>

<p>I was sad to hear this.</p>

<p>He was from a bygone era. For example, he was a WW II war correspondent, and even though they all knew Eisenhower was having an affair, they didn't report it. And even though they knew where the allied landing was going to be on D-Day, they did not report it.</p>

<p>Compare that to today's reporters.</p>

<p>I will miss the ole curmudgeon!</p>

<p>oh schucks! Now S2 is the crankiest old man in the world.</p>

<p>Sorry to hear the news.</p>

<p>But I must admit that I never thought he was funny.</p>

<p>I never quite "got" him myself. But what a run! How many people get to work at something they love into their 90s?</p>

<p>I remember my dad would watch 60 Minutes on our only TV when I was a child. Andy Rooney's spiel was a signal that the show was almost over and I was next in line to watch TV.</p>

<p>So sad... Wonder what kind of minor surgery you would be attempting to do on a 92 year-old? Doesn't seem worth the risk if it wasn't for a major problem. At least he didn't retire and then live for years on end with many health problems, which would have been a lot worse, imo.</p>