Risd admissions decisions class of 2024

HI… Wondered if anyone knows the status of the RISD regular decision notification time frame. I know they were sending out decisions next week but wondered if there has been a new time frame because of the Corona Virus that is closing most campuses.

It said in the portal 3rd week of march (so probably this week since march has 5 weeks) but my instincts say itll come out on the week of march 23rd

The website says the academic facilities are closing beginning tomorrow at 5pm, and then next week they were supposed to be on spring break anyway, and then remote learning beginning March 30. I am hoping that means they are planning to have decisions ready sooner than later.

Instagram says admissions decisions come out tomorrow 3/17, as early as possible! Good Luck to All!

Good luck everyone! Any time speculations?

Are you guys sure that it’s gonna come out tomorrow?

It says on Facebook that it gonna come out Tuesday at 3PM

Do you have the facebook link??

how do you guys feel about your chances lmao

RD decisions are out. Check your portal.

did anyone get in?

My D got waitlisted! But she received generous scholarship offers from several other schools and really had no first choice to begin with. We’ll see what she decides to do…

My son was rejected, but a classmate of his was accepted. Very happy for them.

I got in!

Congrats!! Apparently there were 4700 applicants for 470 spots…so CRAZY competitive this year. Sheesh.


waitlisted // anyone knows how much people get in from the waitlisted pile?

Waitlisted too. Very curious if there’s any stats about how many get accepted from waitlist. And is it possible to get into Brown-RISD if I get accepted to Brown?

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got in haha! I didn’t even realize today was the decision day for RISD because of the coronavirus mess here in Canada. Good luck to everyone else who applied!! If you are interested in stats I’m in IB diploma with a predicted 37, SAT of 1420 and GPA of 3.8. My portfolio was a mixture of abstract paintings, graphite studies and digital paintings.

If you are talking about the Dual degree program, I’m afraid not. Last I checked you had to get into both unis and then be accepted through another round of admissions specially for the program.