RISD Application Discussion (Class of 2024)

Hey Everyone! I’m a high school junior dead-set on making it into RISD’s fashion design program. I’ve realized that not many people in my school are art-focused so I decided to come here and create a discussion for any and all other applicants focusing on getting that acceptance letter from RISD. I hope we can all discuss our portfolio problems and help each other out. And of course any other things you’d want to bring up in respect to RISD → I’m cool with that ;)) . I wish the best for everyone applying. Good luck!

Does anyone have any thoughts on the RISD/Brown Dual Degree Program?

It is a tiny program and aimed at those who will benefit from a nearly full degree program at both schools; it is not right for every student who wants to combine art with rigorous humanities or sciences. Those most interested in art should choose RISD and supplement its substantial liberal arts with Brown courses; those for whom art is not central should supplement a Brown education with courses at RISD, though that is harder than vice versa because advanced classes have few seats.

Would you say that Illustration is the most difficult major to enter at RISD?