RISD as a spring transfer?

<p>Hi! My name is Katy and Im currently a 21 (22 next month) year old looking at a bunch of art colleges...</p>

<p>Let me give you some background, as it might help answer my questions. I just graduated from a community college as a double major. I have two associate of applied science degrees in Multimedia Design and Advertising Design. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.76 GPA. I graduated from Del Tech.</p>

<p>About two years into Del Tech, before graduating, I decided to transfer. I transfered to UArts in Philly. I only took one semester there. Due to recent family issues involving passings, I decided I wasn't ready to strike out on my own, and I that I wasn't enjoying my college experience in Philly, even though the UArts Graphic Design program was fantastic, in my opinion.</p>

<p>So I transfered back to Del Tech and graduated in May this year. So in all, I've had 3.5 years of college, and Im not even exactly sure how many credits, btu Im sure it's a lot.</p>

<p>Also for the last year and a half, I have been working as a professional graphic designer for the state, and have done a number of works that have been published. Most notably, I did an add for EZPass that was in a comic book that was sold at the NASCAR races.</p>

<p>I want to go to RISD. Like, really badly. I have been doing research into schools for about the last year. RISD does accept spring transfers, however I have heard nothing but bad things about spring transfers, about how hard it is to get in as one. I have to prove that I am a second semester sophmore. While I think I am an experienced designer, I dont know if I can prove that to them. Also, I will only get accepted if they have room in the program for me. The other requirements for a spring transfer include having two years of college, which I have.</p>

<p>So, my question is, if I want to go to RISD, is it more feasible for me to wait until Fall 07? The only reason I dont want to wait is because I will be 23 years old by that time, and will then spend another 3 years in college, and will graduate by the age of 26 - an age where a lot of people are finishing with their masters! Should I be worried about this at all? I know its superficial to worry about my age in relation to my education, but I feel like a clock is ticking :\ However, waiting until the Fall would also be easier with my graduating with a certain class.</p>

<p>I am, of course, applying to other schools such as Parsons, Pratt, Art Center, SAIC, etc, where getting in as a spring transfer might be easier... but RISD is my number one choice.</p>

<p>Of course Im not asking anyone to decide my fate for me, but advice is always appreciated!</p>

<p>I think you should go for it as a spring transfer as there still would be nothing to stop you from reapplying for fall. In addition as far as graduating with your class is concerned; you will not know for certain how much credit you will get until you apply, get accepted, and have a transfer credit review. Art schools are somewhat notorious regarding accepting few credits from other schools.</p>

<p>Thank you for the reply!</p>

<p>I guess I forgot to post that if I apply as a Spring Transfer, Im not allowed to apply in the fall. I suppose I should've put that in there, it's a big factor.</p>

<p>Yea I had the problem with credit when I transfered to UArts. It's discouraging, but I ended up enjoying all the classes again anyways :)</p>


<p>Attend a National Porfolio Day event and have a review with an admissions counselor from RISD. You will get some feedback that might help you make your decision. Do one in September or October at the latest so that you have plenty of time to apply.</p>

<p>That is a good idea, thank you. I've also emailed their admissions department to see if there was someone I could talk to more in-depth about spring transfers.</p>

<p>I've been thinking it over, and a fall transfer wouldn't be so bad. It would give me more time to save money.</p>

<p>RISD is very selective and is notorious for discouraging spring transfers, So if that's where you really want to go, you should probably apply for a fall start date because it would maximize your chances of getting in. However, I second the advice you have already received about talking to RISD Admissions directly, to see what they say about it.</p>

<p>Also, since RISD is very expensive and on the stingy side when it comes to handing out financial aid, it wouldn't hurt to have some more money saved up.</p>

<p>And don't worry about your age. My son is a RISD sophomore and he says there is a range of ages in his class, including some older students who decided on art school after they had already started out in college/university in another field. Besides, your maturity and work experience will probably give you a boost when it comes time to find a job after graduation!</p>

<p><<so, my="" question="" is,="" if="" i="" want="" to="" go="" risd,="" is="" it="" more="" feasible="" for="" me="" wait="" until="" fall="" 07?="" the="" only="" reason="" dont="" because="" will="" be="" 23="" years="" old="" by="" that="" time,="" and="" then="" spend="" another="" 3="" in="" college,="" graduate="" age="" of="" 26="" -="" an="" where="" a="" lot="" people="" are="" finishing="" with="" their="" masters!="">></so,></p>

<p>There is no timetable or schedule etched in stone. Who cares what other people do; they are irrelevant. Do what's best for yourself regardless. But why are you waiting for the Spring to transfer? Many colleges have rolling admissions. Why not just transfer in this fall (2006). Also, RISD is not going to make or break you. Any of the top design skills will provide you with the opportunity to become a skilled designer.</p>

<p>Make sure that RISD is worth the wait, the effort to apply, and all that jazz...</p>

<p>Because your career goals, mentality, wants, etc.. can change at anytime. Especially if you're a transfer... cuz otherwise you'd have just stayed wherever and everything would have been peachy, right? At least, that's how I feel as someone who transferred after my first semester of college to an art school.</p>

<p>Btw, I had contacted RISD at the time and as some people have suggested Admissions couldn't care less if you'd like to transfer as a spring admit. They encourage people to finish a whole year and then some. I'm not sure what's their deal, because they've apparently also offered full rides to some transfers, as has been posted on this board by a member.</p>

<p>I received a lot of merit money from SAIC, but I did not end up attending there because my overall interests were not in line with the school's and I felt I could do better elsewhere. </p>

<p>Have you thought about RISD for a masters instead of undergrad? That's supposedly the degree that matters most, according to some professors I've known. Ultimately, of course, it's all up to you and what you want.</p>

<p>If I could give you a last piece of advice is that make sure your portfolio is the best it can be for the time being <em>REALLY IMPORTANT</em> and then fight for what you believe in because no one will believe in your worth if you don't..</p>

<p>Hope you get where you'd like to be. Best wishes.</p>

<p>RainingAgain - I missed the deadlines for Fall Admissions because I hadn't paid off my former college and couldn't get my transcripts out in time :\ Im really trying not to let the age/time this affect me. Its not so much that Im worried about what other people are doing, but really how society looks at the younger class now. I just dont want to have that "left behind" feeling. But I love school and everything so I'll be happy anytime Im in a class!</p>

<p>College-ish - I have graduated from a community college, so there really isn't any "staying" involved in my decision. Im currently out of school, and I feel like if I keep taking time off I will lose momentum. I have considered RISD for my masters, as well as Yale. I would love to teach someday, so my masters is definately a want.</p>

<p>My Dad is currently trying to talk me out of getting my bachelors, giving me guilt trips about trying to just get a job instead.</p>

<p>And I know, in my head, that even if I dont go to RISD, it is me as a designer that determines my outcome of being successful, not the school, I just have this big thing with no regrets. I dont want to regret not trying. As long as I try and apply, I will be happy. If it's not meant to be, I am ok with that.</p>

You sound like an very motivated, extremely well-adjusted young woman. With that kind of attitude, I'm sure you'll be successful no matter where you end up. Best of luck to you!</p>

<p>""""Have you thought about RISD for a masters instead of undergrad? That's supposedly the degree that matters most, according to some professors I've known."""</p>

<p>It's pretty tough to be admitted into a master's program at most places without a bachelor's to first ground yourself academically and credentially, but you may check it out, all the same. Who knows? The whole notion of a master's degree is "advanced study" so it just makes sense to advance from a comprehensive undergraduate program first.</p>

<p>"""RISD is very selective and is notorious for discouraging spring transfers, So if that's where you really want to go, you should probably apply for a fall start date because it would maximize your chances of getting in."""</p>

<p>Which major interests you Katy? RISD admits spring transfers frequently and it depends on the department to which you're applying. Some programs (especially those which are heavily dependent on machinery and facilities and with necessarily small class sizes) max out their seats in the fall term with freshmen and fall transfer students, but others have space year round. You just need to ask.</p>

originally posted by RISDprof</p>

<p>RISD admits spring transfers frequently


<p>Honestly, the website and Admissions' own emailed responses say otherwise.. whatever your position may be to speak on it. In fact, from my interaction with various Deans, Directors of Admissions, and what not, it's clear that RISD had a lapse.</p>

<p>I just wonder how many other students they are missing with their "policies".</p>

<p>BTW, I've also had a Prof. who did a Masters at RISD in painting. The Prof had done undergrad at San Diego State University. Not exactly a world class institution for art. So, I fail to see the need for someone like Katy, who has already spent considerable time as an undergrad, to wait on an unresponsive institution unless she absolutely wants to.</p>

<p>"""BTW, I've also had a Prof. who did a Masters at RISD in painting. The Prof had done undergrad at San Diego State University. Not exactly a world class institution for art. So, I fail to see the need for someone like Katy, who has already spent considerable time as an undergrad, to wait on an unresponsive institution unless she absolutely wants to."""</p>

<p>Very sorry about the confusion. My impression from the original post was that Katy had a two-year degree, rather than a bachelors (four years, which is <em>usually</em> what schools expect for graduate entrance). It may be possible that, with her combined experience in both associates degrees, she'll be admitted to a grad program if that's what she would like to pursue.</p>

<p>But, back to the other point. Some RISD departments readily admit qualified students mid-year without a hitch if they're willing to work through curriculum in a bass-ackwards way (spring before fall, etc.). I do think there's some method to the selective madness, however, as most of our programs are specifically sequenced. Arriving mid-year may throw a student for a loop, making a challenging course of study even more daunting.</p>

<p>I want to add that Shazia Sikander did her masters in painting at RISD. Her undergrad was at the National College of Arts in Pakistan. She did miniature there... Again, her undergrad institution was not a MICA or SAIC and had only one instructor who taught/knew the miniature Mughal painting style of the sub-continent.</p>

<p>Currently, she's a very famous artist and pretty much on par with folks like Janine Antoni or Shirin Neshat (personally consider her to be rather mediocre next to Shazia, but I digress..). </p>

<p>There's really no one door to success or whatever. Frankly, I don't plan on going through Providence at all and I see for myself a bright future. It just depends on your perseverance and beliefs. </p>

<p>Best of luck Katy and if you need any assistance or have questions about applying for stuff, feel free to PM.</p>

<p>First just wanted to thank everyone for their responses! Before I respond individually, the lady in the admissions lady responded to my email yesterday and really pushed for me waiting til the fall to apply, which I think Im going to do. Especially since the graphic design department requires you to also buy a $3500 laptop. It will give me extra time to save up for it if I decide to go there :)</p>

<p>Worried Mom - Thank you so much for the compliment! That is very nice of you to say.</p>

<p>RISDProf and College-ish - Thanks for your replies. I hadn't even thought about my masters yet :) I guess I always thought you absolutely had to have a bachelors to get into grad school? RISD doesn't specifically state on the website. I looked up my transcripts from Del Tech and I have 77 credits, plus probably about 12 or so from UArts. I have taken Art History I and II, Psychology (Science), Business Math, one English Comp class, and then a another english course called Tech Writing. I also had one humanities. Then of course art courses. I have taken two type classes, two photo classes, three drawing classes, one color pencil/painting class, two graphic design classes... and then there are a few classes that will have no place in my curriculum at another college like my video classes, if I major in graphic design. I also took an illustration class, a history of graphic design... portfolio classes. Del Tech is very much a school that gets you ready for the business side, hence the Business Math class and such.</p>

<p>Anyways, I really think it would be important for me to attain a bachelors prior to a masters. I just dont think I am talented enough for a masters yet.</p>

<p>I dont think I stated this in this thread, but I have also been working in graphic design for the last year and a half at a state agency.</p>

<p>I dont know if anyone is interested in looking at my work, but maybe I could get a feel for "am I good enough?".</p>

<p>Traditional works: <a href="http://artflake.com/traditional/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://artflake.com/traditional/&lt;/a>
Photography: <a href="http://artflake.com/photography/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://artflake.com/photography/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I dont have a ton of my graphic design online, unfortch. I do have a website Im designing for my own business, that is in the works here: <a href="http://www.cartaetc.com/catalog%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.cartaetc.com/catalog&lt;/a> - (I realize products is spelled wrong!)</p>

<p>Here is an invite I did recently: <a href="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/31819688/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/31819688/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I feel kind of better now that I've made the decision to apply for the fall of next year. Gives me more time to do all the home drawings and such for all the schools Im applying to.</p>

<p>Unrelated question, but does anyone know of any really good art schools/unis outside of the USA? I plan on applying to CSM also, because I just love to travel, and I know I will not be getting home sick, so another country is always an option.</p>

<p>your observation of color and value seem pretty good at this point...you are doing well with composition...continue to photograph...composing and recomposing through the viewfinder will help your composition skills in graphic design...not sure about the web site, are you using a template service? look for typos...the invitation makes good use of lively hierarchy...the kerning is interesting on "you ' reinvited" in that because of proximity and color, plus kerning the viewer reads the headline twice, "you're invited" and you ' reinvited". I don't know if the letter spacing between the u ' and r is intentional or careless but it creates an interesting gestalt effect which I find engaging and convincing. fun.</p>

<p>Thank for the reply. Yes, everything on the invite was intentional. I really wanted to experiment with using just one typeface and variations of bold and color to show hierarchy and difference. Typography is probably my favorite part of graphic design. </p>

<p>As for the website, it was designed in Illustrator completely from scratch by me. I designed the logo and everything. The only typo I found so far was "prodcuts", if you happen to find anymore in the design, please let me know. As far as the type goes in the text, that all is going to change to be my own text very soon. I did however, install OSCommerce, which works with the layout to provide a shopping cart system.</p>

<p>If I do become successful in graphic design, I really hope its in print and packaging design. I have fun designing websites for me, but not for others.</p>