RISD or Oberlin College?!? NEED HELP!

it’s almost May 1 and I need to make my decision on where to go to college for class of 2023… I’m interested in creative writing and visual arts, especially photography and love to sing so in want to stay in a chorus when in college.

Oberlin seems perfect except for location - the people are quirky and shy like me and enjoy the arts. There creative writing program is very well known however, I don’t know much about their visual arts program and don’t know if it will challenge me enough.

RISD is a wonder!! And I don’t just want to throw the opportunity away - however I’m not sure if I will be able to fully engage in creative writing/music if i go as the first year seems super intense. I am honestly super worried about the first year as I am not good at drawing… my portfolio had no studio art work at all…

Please help me!! Anything :slight_smile: