RISD RD Class of 2024 Financial Aid (+Brown Dual Degree Discussion)

Hi all! This is my first ever post here. Anyways, I was accepted to RISD last Tuesday! I was super excited – this is one of my top schools!

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else since then had received any info about accessing their potential financial aid package, either online, or in an actual acceptance packet in the mail. I’m planning to join the webinar Thursday 3/26 at 7pm to see if they address any delays they might have had with that due to covid, but I’m just wondering if I misplaced an email or something. I’ve looked on the whole welcome page and on my portal, and there’s no mention!

It’s really important to me that I can find this, as financial aid/no financial aid is really make or break on whether I can actually go to RISD. Thanks for the help! I’d love to hear other folks’ experiences with Regular Decision generally, and if you got in, whether you’re planning to accept!


***Oh, by the way – I also applied to the Dual Degree program, and I’m waiting to hear back from Brown to see if I got into that. Since Dual Degree is the cost of Brown tuition, would not getting a financial aid package now mean that I’m going to see it then? Except that would mean that I got into the Dual Degree program, which is entirely impossible, lmao. I do NOT have the resume to get into Brown, like at all.