RISD RD Class of 2025

Does RISD do rolling admissions or is there a definitive date for acceptance?

and, anyone hear anything yet?

No rolling admissions (it’s on their website). Decisions seem to fall around the third week of March based on past years.

My daughter just read on the risd IG that decisions will be out at the end of this week

Hi, I know there is nothing I can do about it now but I was looking at past accepted RISD portfolios and most of the RISD assignments had two projects. I submitted one assignment and one written statement, but I must have not seen the prompt for the second if there was one. It seems like it would not have let me submit without something required, and I would have had time since I submitted in December for RD. Did you all have two separate RISD assignments and written statements in addition to the portfolio? Thank you!

I just rewatched part of their YouTube video describing the prompt and Im pretty sure it was just one project and one written statement lol (hopefully). Sorry for the stress question

It says the decisions for first-years are coming out soon, did not say it will be this Friday. Did I miss something here?

RISD admissions FB and IG have this: Make sure you can get into your student portals! (We sent out an email upon submission of your Common App !:slightly_smiling_face: and It’s almost time! RISD Admissions first-year decisions coming later this week to a screen near you. Watch this space !:sparkles:

RISD often releases admissions decisions on their Founders Day March 22 but recent RISD admissions Instagram post makes it appear to be later this week.

Just said later this week so could be today, tomorrow, weekend?

Thanks. Something changed in my checklist at my portal. Some received items are missing to show now, but no other update. Strange.

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RISD admissions just said will send out the decision very soon. I think might be 3pm eastern time.

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decisions are out! Waiting for my daughter to finish class…aggggghhh. It’s a major reach, but fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!

Good luck!

My son in architecture. Good luck to all of you!

Accepted Industrial Design!!!