RISD regular decision results

Child was accepted. Haven’t heard about money yet.

I’ve heard that RISD gives need-based aid and no (or very rare) merit scholarships. My D is thrilled to have been accepted, as RISD’s been her first choice for a while, but it will be a challenge to weigh her desire for RISD against other schools who have offered her the benefit of merit scholarships. I’m anticipating an angst-filled month ahead…

@monkey99 Congratulations to you and your son! My daughter was rejected by RISD. I see on the Pratt thread that your son was waitlisted at Pratt, while my daughter was admitted by Pratt. It shows the randomness nature of admissions decisions at art schools.

We are in the same boat here! We are not a family that can say yes, no matter what the price is. My son seems to be getting into all of the art schools he’s applied to so far, but the $$ has varied WILDLY! At this point, he has two offers that we actually may (?) be able to afford from 2 smaller art/design schools (CCAD and MCAD). He is our third child though, and at this point, we have learned to weigh debt against relative value. His siblings went to liberal arts colleges that met full financial need, that doesn’t seem to be the case with art schools in general.

@DadofArtStudent, no kidding on the randomness of the selection process! Congrats to your family as well!

accepted! dream come true but a financial nightmare

Accepted! And surprisingly I got a huge scholarship, which I was not expecting. I think it’s because aid is need based, that would make sense. I never thought I’d be able to afford it!

Yay @buttermlkbiscuit - son got the email to check too and he got a big scholarship also (basically same amount as what made it possible for his big sis to go there…)

I got in, massive scholarship too, the big issue is the extremely huge price of the school (72k a year…)

@ArtAngst I was exploring RISD Housing options. Are roommates assigned? Any recommendations on how to choose which housing option?

@cag60093 I sent you a DM since she’s had mixed experiences but some have been Murphy’s Law and others are more choices she made

Still no word. Has anyone else not heard or received and email notification?

@tomasi, have you tried calling them?

@tomasi, I agree with @monkey99 – you should definitely call them! They released all first year undergraduate decisions at the same time last Thursday (not in waves over days like some other schools), so you should have heard by now. Or are you perhaps a transfer or grad student? That might put you on a different schedule.

For those who were accepted - was it a detailed acceptance letter? Or did it just say Welcome to RISD - You’re In? Or was the latter the email? Trying to figure out what the acceptance is like?

@magnetnh My D received an email first that stated check the portal. After logging in, an acceptance letter was the first thing that popped up; there were also a link to financial aid award and upcoming events. A couple of days later, she received a large white box, a lot like the USC’s white box that included the same letter and a black RISD tote bag. Most of the info, like registering for upcoming events via webinar or accepted student day, etc. was through the portal.

@cag60093 Thanks for the info. Congratulations to your D!

@magnetnh Thanks! She will attend accepted student day next week to see if it will be the right fit. She visited a couple of years so it will be interesting to see what she thinks of RISD now she’s two years older.

Our daughter is in the process of choosing between RISD, Parsons and Pratt. She visited MICA last week and decided to take that off the list. She attended RISD’s pre-college last summer and loved it. Thinking about visiting NY to see Parsons and Pratt this month to compare. Anyone have any thoughts about the pros and cons of each school?

@artdreamer I’m literally in the midst of making a comparison chart for my S (altho no Pratt since it’s beyond our budget but we did tour twice and S really liked it so is a bit bummed…)

Anyhow, oldest is an Illustration junior at RISD and S is currently trying to pick between FIT, MICA, Parsons and RISD also for illustration. We’re doing accepted students day at Parsons next week (he visited last spring but it was just the general tour). Hopefully after that he’ll be ready to make a final decision.

Right now he seems a bit overwhelmed and worrying about a ‘wrong’ choice (I told him there ISN’T one and that I feel confident he’ll do well at all of them…and that it’s ok to go with the ‘vibe’ or seemingly random things at this point).

Let me know specifics you’re wondering about and will be happy to share any RISD info etc. I’d definitely visit both Pratt and Parsons - they have much different feels and also differences in the curriculum depending on Ds major. Pratt has much more of a campus feel and S really liked the studios and open spaces on campus. Parsons is right in the heart of Greenwich village (which S also liked alot) with a lot of cool buildings & interior spaces, but no real exterior common spaces to the campus. Dorms were a bit meh but understandable considering rents in that area.