RISD regular decision results

when would regular decision applicants get results? for class of 2023. i think it may be late march but could someone confirm this for me? good luck to all of us who applied!

D is a junior there and got her acceptance late March. Also follow their FB page, they were very helpful on it answering lots of questions and also confirmed as the date got closer when to expect decisions.

I applied for 2023 and got my letter Feb 8th.
MArch program.

Was this for regular decision? That’s so early!

That Feb date is for the Masters programs. The graduate students are on a different time schedule for applications etc.

Son read somewhere it’d be March 22nd (I think from the Facebook admissions site). Daughter’s year she found out on March 23rd.

RISD Admissions posted on their fb page today:
First year applicants: this week is the week! We will be releasing decisions by Friday via your student portal (check your email for the login if you haven’t been in there yet!). More details as we get a bit closer. Good luck to you all!

What time will decisions be posted?

RISD just posted that decisions will be released today, but they didn’t say what time, just that it will be this afternoon: “Psssst…Today’s the day! We will be releasing first year undergraduate admissions decisions later on this afternoon! Look out for an email saying there’s been a change in your student portal. Good luck to everyone!”

i don’t think i’ve ever been this nervous, my goodness…thank you! is it typically 12am on the dot of friday or could it be random times throughout the day? is that even an answerable question?? i’m so anxious i’ll be checking my email in every class haha

my decision was posted! denied, but check yours! good luck :—)

denied ?

de - nied ;(

denied. :frowning:

My D was accepted!

I got wait listed :frowning:

My D was accepted! She can’t stop smiling!

I got accepted !!! I actually cant believe it

Son was accepted! Now we have to figure out if we can afford for him to go…

D is in !!! Now as for the $$$. Well…no matter what she feels confident and proud of herself. So happy

congrats to everyone who got in! i got waitlisted :’) don’t know how i feel about it. even if i’d gotten in the stress of money would’ve been too much…probably wouldn’t have been able to go even if i were accepted aha. however i did say i wanted to remain on the waitlist until further notice in may…we’ll see