Risidential Colleges at Mo S&T

<p>Are these programs just on paper or do they really function as interest groups/communities?</p>

<p>Could you describe the student makeup of the entrepreneur college and the arts college?</p>

<p>The new dorm looks totally sterile in pictures. What is it like in person?</p>

<p>Are the residential colleges hard to get into?</p>

<p>My son looked at the Res College as his first choice on his first visit to Rolla. They are beautiful buildings and just moments away from any other building on campus. We only went in the first building but is was spotless and had the feel of a fine hotel. I am not sure how the students and programs really function though. I know students had to apply to get in with an essay two years ago, I don't know if that has changed since then. And they do have to spend some time each semester on the program that they are in.</p>

<p>Although my son loved the layout and beauty of the rooms, he ended up choosing TJ based on a tour that we took just by showing up and asking if someone could show us around. The young man that gave us the tour of TJ had some wonderful insight and when paired with my son's personality, TJ made the most sense for him.</p>

<p>According to our tour guide and now my son.... the quads are near the gym and attract the jocks mostly, the res college seems to be more serious and less social plus there is time involved with the program that you choose, and TJ is a mix of everyone and tends to be more social, easy going. I am sure that everyone has different opinions on this but that is how my son views it. TJ was a good choice for him..it is open and friendly and has allowed him to make tons of friends. He did choose the voyager program which puts freshmen together and they have to attend a certain number of seminars.</p>

<p>Hope this helps! And like I said, I am sure if you ask someone that lives at the Res. College, they would probably have different viewpoints for sure!</p>

<p>tt, I agree with you; My daughter has been in both Res College and TJ, and she really prefers TJ (the day we moved her in, I thought it was disgusting - guess I just didn't remember what a college dorm is like LOL). Her second year they closed TJ for renovations and she moved to Res. I don't think they have to devote much time to the program they're in.</p>

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<p>It shouldn't be hard to get into RC. It’s based solely on an essay you have to submit. The main draw of the RC is that it’s much newer and nicer than the other housing options. Last year they opened a new RC bldg, and renovated one of the older dorms.</p>

<p>D was in the RC arts group soph year. She wasn’t necessarily impressed with that program per se.</p>