Rising HS Senior unsure about College Major

Hello. I am a soon-about-to-be senior who is not quite sure about what concentration/major best fits for me in college. Below is my story.

My father worked as an Engineer in Korean Air and Hankook Tire, so from age 5 to 14, I wanted to be a M.E. I learned CAD in 7th grade, lucky to play with 3d printers, and went to ISEF with a biomechanical engineering project (passive exoskeleton).

In 9th grade, I discovered what supercapacitor was, did a research on it, went and won in ISEF, published in Elsevier and devoted significant amount of my high school time into electrochemistry.

Even though I was involved in chemistry, I was naturally attracted towards engineering, so using supercapacitor, I am currently researching in powertrain development in electric vehicle.

Here’s the thing. If I were to go into mechanical engineering, I feel like all the valuable knowledge I learned doing other things. I know for sure that I don’t want to go to chemistry major. Would there be a major other than M.E for engineering and energy development?