Rising junior...how can I get in to UCB?

UCB looks like an awesome place and I love cali.
I am wondering how admissions makes its decisions for Berkeley out of state candidates?
Is it all stat driven?
Is it harder for out of state applicants?

<p>I am a rising junior at an extremely small, but very competitive small school. Only 25 kids per class and only 22 in mine. However, current senior class (26) includes matriculation to Stanford, GTown, Dartmouth, Middlebury, Cornell, USC, NYU, and UCLA with the rest going to less competitive schools.
GPA: 4.0 (I am either 1 or 2 depending on the other "top" students 3rd tri grades, however, our school doesn't officially rank) I have taken every honors available to me which is 3 per tri so far)
SAT: I have not taken an official SAT test but my PSAT last fall indicated M:61 CR:60 W:65 (186)
This summer I took a school SAT course and a practice SAT that was proctored and everything and I got CR: 650 M: 620 W: 680 (1950)</p>

Head of Mock Trial Team
Co-president of Amnesty International
Member of Community Service Leadership Team
50+ hours of CS during school year
Volunteered in Human Rights Firm in Togo, Africa for 1 month
V Tennis- State q
V XC Running - State q
Nordic Skier</p>

<p>I spent my freshman year in Paris where I went to an IB school.</p>

<p>Live in Idaho.
I am white.</p>

<p>How can I improve my resum</p>

<p>No, it's not harder for OOS. In fact, the UC's are seeking more OOS applicants bcos they pay OOS fees.</p>

<p>To increase your chances, work hard on the SAT and aim for 2100+ (or 32 on the ACT), write great essays.</p>

<p>yea try nto get those SATs up. They were kinda desperate for oos this year and I see it being likely that the demand will remain but maybe not as high esp considering protests. Just always keep in mind that them accepting more doesn't necessarily mean its less competitive--you're still up against the best and brightest from the whole country and world. Your ecs are decent but SAT definitely needs to be higher to have a chance.</p>

<p>Get those stats higher and especially test scores. Your stats are below average for Berkeley. I know kids who had over 4.0s and over 2000 SAT and got rejected.</p>

<p>My 4.0 is uw straight A's. I do not know how to get a UC gpa or whatever</p>